UK orders quad bikes for Afghan UOR

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Skynet, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. DVD 2009: UK orders quad bikes for Afghan UOR
    By Andrew White
    26 June 2009

    UK forces in Afghanistan will receive Yamaha quad bikes as part of an urgent operational requirement (IHS Jane's/Andrew White)

    British forces operating in Afghanistan are to receive an additional 200 upgraded quad bikes and trailers as part of an urgent operational requirement for casualty evacuation, logistics delivery and sniper team mobility.

    The UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded Japanese company Yamaha a GBP5 million (USD8 million) contract to supply the vehicles, with additional trailers to be provided by LOGIC. The systems will be operated in addition to the current fleet of Honda 450 all-terrain vehicles and LOGIC SMT120b trailers.

    The MoD declined to comment on the number of Honda systems currently in use.

    Unveiled at the Defence Vehicles Dynamics 2009 event at Millbrook, Bedfordshire, on 24 June, the new fleet includes significant upgrades such as dual throttle on both sides of the handlebars, which allows the rider to fire a weapon and accelerate at the same time.
  2. Knock off a zero, £25000, still expensive when you can go down to the farm shop and get one for a couple of grand but that most probably factors in through life costs, spares , implamentation plan and training package etc.
  3. I think your numbers are a bit out ...

    £5,000,000/200 =£25,000 a unit not £250,000.

    Still a bit on the hefty side I admit.

    Edit: Ack pipped to the post! by 1 sodding minute!
  4. £25,000 is not a reasonable price for a Quad and trailer.
  5. At 25k per unit its still bloody expensive even with the add ons. Given the punishment they`ll receive, the life of the vehicle can`t be more than three to four years surely.

    Apparently the U.S. can secure better deals than the MOD.

    Personally I can`t stand quads, bloody horrible things to ride with limited load carrying capability, why couldn`t they go for something like this ?
  6. Costs for UOR procurement would always look at the whole life costs of buying equipment, putting some form of support contract in place, ensuring the vehcile is modified to UK Theatre Entry Standards (TES) - which can often mean a lot of modification work on top of the normal vehicle. Additionally you need to factor in the spares buy, and a limited training buy to support OPTAG work.

    Its really easy to look at a vehicle and go "why is MOD paying so much more" - but in reality we're having to consider a lot more than just buying a quadbike!
  7. No good if the RAF loadies refuse to take them on Merlins because they won't move the gimpy...
  8. Jim, your post there smells of much, much bullshit. If there was a credible, focused tender process the MoD would pay half of that figure and get precisely what's wanted by the commanders on the ground. Where fleets of vehicles are being bought it's a buyer's market and always has been. I've been there and done that; the only difference here is that it's a Government Department doing the buying.
  9. Whiskey - I agree if we had credible focused tenders we could probably get more for less. BUT we don't have the luxury of time when it comes to UORs - if its a UOR then it means that its being procured as peoples lives depend on it being in service ASAP. This means that the competition process is truncated, and we will usually only spend about 4-6 weeks getting things together to buy the kit.

    We could spend longer and get more bang for our buck, but I think we would be failing the front line if we did so.

    We have to trade off between performance cost and time - MOD has always accepted that UORs provide a quick and dirty solution to problems that will not always be the most optimal solution going, but if its a choice between buying something in weeks (and yes we can do USUR raised to Business Case sign off in 4 weeks or less) or years with mainstream DE&S process hell heavy buying, then I know what I would rather do.
  10. So here's me thinking there was a world recession and factories are desperate for orders........

    Marvellous value...........

  11. [​IMG]
  12. My Mate was doing the "snagging" jobs on 200 of the Yam quads last week just before shipment to units , he also has 20 -40 knackered quad engines to fix cause when the air filters got blocked with sand and dust and wouldn't run properly the squaddie answer was just to take the air filter out and keep riding !
    If the 25k includes lifetime support and spares then at the rate of an engine rebuild every few weeks the army may well have scored a bargin .
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  13. Spot on.

    So what you are actually saying it is the standard 7Ps argument pointed neatly at the MoD/CoC?

    Rearrange the following;

    Piss a could brewery up not a organise in.

    Still, cheaper than airframes eh?
  14. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Performance, Cost & Time - you can only ever have a good result for 2 out of 3.
  15. Even with "lifetime support" 25k per bike sounds like the MoD are being fleeced like the twats they are.

    I've owned (and badly abused) ATVs doing forestry work and the maintaining them is a piece of piss, even for a ham fisted ex-infanteer like me. My last Honda came with three years warranty and I had change out of six grand. Parts are cheap too, the air filter is a bit of sponge FFS.
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