UK Or Germany?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Neil88, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. Hi, I'm due to be posted very soon after my christmas leave. All I have yet to complete is my driving. I havn't had an interview with my TC yet and I think I want to goto Germany. But could some people with a bit of experiance please give some plusses and minuses of the two countries. Just to help me make a decision. Im a P+C Op and have found it hard to find information on the P+C OP Squadrons over the net so if anyone has any help there too, that would help. Thanks.
  2. If this is your fist posting, then get out to Germany. Thats where you learn what soldiering is all about - getting pissed and going whoring!

    I went to Germany for my first posting and loved it. Because nobody can go home you get some really good mates, and you get a lot more money than being in the UK. The social life is something else, whereas in the UK you'll find that everyone goes home every weekend.

    Im back in England now, and really miss the lifestyle over there. At weekends my camp is deserted, and I end up driving across the country to see the lads I was with in Germany! And I lost over 200 quid a month coming back here.

    Trade wise you'll have to post in you Trade forum.
  3. Thats generally what I here about germany, thats why I was leaning towards it. I think I'm def gonna go over there now. Cheers.
  4. Without a doubt Germany is the place to be as a new soldier, harder at first but worth every minute. Do yourself a favour and learn a little bit of the language and you will enjoy it that much more.
  5. Germany Germany Germany!!!

    Definately. It's useful if you have a car over there - Hannover and Hamburg are quality nights out. The actual German's themselves are annoying and there is quite a lot of Turk related fighting/crime on soldiers but I have just spent 2 years over there and loved every second. Apart from the freezing cold winters of course.

    Just posted back to UK - concerned it's gonna be poo.
  6. i was born there. Then when i went out there it was the best time! do it , do it , do it!!!!!!

    And also , postings in England are like what weak said. Everybody buggered off home, except me cos i live over the big duck pond

    All together now............awwwwwww!
  7. Too right Ive just finnished my third tour in Germany and a liitle bored of it now but I remember my first time out there......Must say it was the best part of my life and career so far. So without a doubt get your arse over there and enjoy.
  8. Germany is great , would be even better if i had decent neighbours .
  9. Germany used to be OK when currency for soldiers was jars of coffee and chocolate bars.
  10. Germany is, without a doubt, the best choice.

    Its what the Army used to be like everywhere, a real unit spirit and the majority of people getting minging at weekends together instead of thinning out at weekends asap to be with mummy.

    Who joined the Army to stay at home? most of the little chav darlings we get these days it seems.

  11. ORC, How many soldiers did you get (arrested) for a jar of coffee?
  12. Did 2 tours in Germany and had the best time ever, both socially and career wise!
    Not the same as it was, as i served in the BMH's and there are none left now...shame. I agree, try and learn a bit of the language.... wish i had, as i asked for '100g of fresh frog instead of ham!!'
  13. Box Head.
  14. Got to be Germany,I loved it,big orange Herforder handbags,5 marks a time if I remember,fighting with the spicks,Sennelager training area,Belsan concentration camp and chips with kinder schiesse all funded by HMG it didnt get any better did it?
  15. Orange Herfy hand bags? Was that the limited edition UVF hand bag?