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UK or Germany

Im joining RLC and was want to hear peoples opinions about what countrys better to serve in and why?

I dont know if you get the option but i was thinking to ask for Germany for a change of scenary.
UK - Generally what you have always been used to (lifestyle) possibly OK if you want to see your family/girlfriend every weekend.
Germany - Tax free booze/Fag/Petrol, LOA, LSA for courses in the UK, Tax free cars, legal brothels, opportunities to use the yanks PXs and quite a few more things.
The majority of troops based in Germany may be moving back to the UK within the next decade so best make the most of it while you can.
I could live with seeing my family a couple of times a yr (there a pain in the arse anyways) im single so dont need to worry about a girlfriend back home.

Fcuk it legal brothels an low tax germany wins
Germany is good, if you make the most of it. I.E. get yourself a motor, travel about and do stuff with your time off. Go to the cities, go to the mountains, go to Denmark/Netherlands/wherever. Don't stay on camp, go to the same crappy local bars and squaddie clubs.

I got fed up of having to pay to get to the bloody airports, pay to fly home, get picked up from bloody airports, all to have a couple of days at home on a long weekend or week off, and then do the exact same to go back. And also having to fork out anything from €50-100 to pay for people to cover Easter/Christmas duties because I am back in the UK at it would be at my own expense to fly back to do the one day's duty! (or sacrifice going home altogether)

Yes, Germany was good, but after 2 and a half years there, enough was enough. Fed up of being away ruining relationships back home aswell. And I wouldn't ever get involved with a German girl.
I like to go hillwalking, rockclimbing and do outdoor activitys. Have they got good mountains over there and does the army have clubs for people who are intrested in that kind off thing.

i like a drink aswell but im no the type of guy to sit in the pub getting drunk (every night)

why wouldn't you get involved with a german woman?
D-Runner said:
I like to go hillwalking, rockclimbing and do outdoor activitys. Have they got good mountains over there and does the army have clubs for people who are intrested in that kind off thing.

i like a drink aswell but im no the type of guy to sit in the pub getting drunk (every night)

why wouldn't you get involved with a german woman?
Ever heard of Bavaria? Well thats where the British army do their AT over there (and you can go there at the weekends)

With the drinking thing you need to mix it with culture and jump on the train every weekend and discover different German towns that are do not have squaddies based nearby, so you get to see the sights and 9 times out of 10 there is an all you can drink for a set price type bar that you can bankrupt because they are unused to squaddies drinking habits.

Not all German women have heard of the delights of a razor.
A few weeks into your basic training at Pirbright, you will be asked where you want to serve; location and/or unit. If you ask for Germany, there is a very good chance you will get Germany - probably Gutersloh.
samm1551 said:
Germany is a good posting imo, but you will NEED a car if you want to do those things.
With hindsight, I would say that learning to speak German is far more important than having a car. Public transport was pretty good and you meet people using that more than you would in a car.
As Forks and others have said, get yourself out & about. To live on the continent is something very few people actually get to do, so with that in mind, and the whole BFG thing gone in a decade or so, you'll only regret it if you don't.

Bravaria is the mutt's nuts. Volunteer for every AT you can get down there and trawl through, and bid for, all the AT course's you can.

I did a singly tour first and got the drinking/abusing/fighting out of my system and then did the second tour as a pad, which was more as Forks describes. In hindsight I wish I'd done the touring etc. on both tours.

Germany is a nice place full of opportunities, tax-free stuff aside, and the chance shouldn't be wasted.

Good luck
Germany, like any european country, is what you make of it. I now live here as an ex squaddie and love it here. Public transport is usually very good and on time, so even if you don't have a car, there is no excuse not to travel.

As has already been mentioned, learn a bit of the lingo. This will reap rewards in how much you enjoy your time over here, I mean, a bit more than just ordering a Bier or Currywurst! The germans aren't as arrogent as they are made out to be. This is usually because of people doing direct/literal translation from german into english.

Get out here and try it! Once this posting is gone, it won't be returning.
What they said above. 12 hour drive south from the Brit area, overnight stay in Austria and next day - stay in Austria, go to the Croatian Coast, drive to Italy, visit Budapest etc.

The dogs bollox.

And try and learn some German.

Oh and you don't need a motor. Stick a a frigid tart on a fast train, overnight in Vienna, take her to the Mozart Haus for a concert (not highbrow, quite nice) and then plonk her on the Danube ferry to Budapest. It will unfreeze an iceberg.
As beautiful as German women can be, and don't get me wrong, some are really nice and it's nothing to do with them actually being German. I wouldn't get involved with them for a couple of reasons.

The first being any of the local girls have pretty much been through dozens of squaddies already, if you meet her in the local crappy squaddie bar or club, you won't be the first she's met! I've even see several guys get married and have children with German girls and it all end horribly.

Second, if you are lucky enough to find an actual nice girl from out of town and things go well or whatever, even getting married one day. You'll end up having to stay in Germany for the rest of your career/life. Many German girls aren't so keen of ever going back to the UK to live, and I know guys who have to transfer just to stay in Germany for their wives. And what of when you finally leave the Army, is she going to move back to the UK with you? Is she bollocks!

This is just from my personal experience (well, examples I know of). So you either stay single in Germany, or you have to get married to your girlfriend from the UK just so she can come to Germany and get a house.
Germany. I spent almost 14 years there as a pad brat, a squaddie and then as a stinking civvy working for the army. Learn the lingo as has been said and not just one to ten, beer, bratties and a few handy in the bedroom (or the brothel) words or phrases.

I married an Ericess as basically she'd run out of scaleys in Herford and had ended up in Minden where we met. There are cultural differences as I shaved and she didn't . Different areas of the body I know but there's nothing worse than trying to keep your breakfast down when she's either picking her nose or attempting to unknot her armpit hair. Or both.

But she was only unfaithful the once (1RTR) though I won't hold it against her (or not anymore). The last I heard of her was that she was trying to systematically hump her way through 4 Armd at Detmold. Apparently she was doing quite well. I always said she'd go places though unless she's changed, when she gets there, she'll inevitably end up on her back.
FFS A real bone question, Germany,
1 learn German
2 get away from stupid squaddys who sit in the bar and moan about krauts for their whole posting
3 A car is good but not essential plenty of busses,trains and trams
4 German girls are the same as girls all over the world, get them laughing and your IN
5 Iff you try to speak German most german girls will try to help you as they nearly all learn it in school
6 Get away from the garrison towns and you will find the people very friendly, the big cities are great
7 take up one of the Kraut sports like Rifle shooting, flying,sking, or gliding, the gliding club in Wolfenbuttle was one of the best places I every found to get layed
8 must visit Hamburg,Berlin, Munich ect all are great nightlife
And have some fun while your still young, because you aint young long, I have served and lived in Germany for about 20 years but am now back in Wales but I go back very often and love the place

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