UK Ops - TA Resilience

While there has been much breast beating about the stop on TA training until 2010 and its potential killing of the TA, I'm currently more interested in the direct actual effect on MACA or UK Ops. I really really hope its a nice quiet autumn with not too much rain or flooding.

In 2007, The Army helped prevent Gloucester 's flooding become a catastrophe. TA Officers provide the majority of the C4I infrastructure of the military response and for the first 36-48 hours were the majority of Green troops on the ground.
Many of these TA officers's annual training was oriented around training with Local Resilience Forums (of all these, Gloucester was thought the best trained and prepared LRF in UK then)

Situational awareness was provided to a lot of Civilian and Military Agencies by 7 Regt AAC and was credited with being a battle winning asset.

Now 2 years on:
-No 7 Reg or very many Gazelles
-TA Limited/no training with LRFs due to finance.

Now I'm well aware that the Military's unoffical refusal to do another fresco stopped a fire strike this year, but i don't think the same applies with natural disasters!

Illogically, the fire and rescue services inability to deal with the floods got them a budget rise, the army's ability to pull them out of the sh1t resulted in cuts!

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