UK only 25 Months left in ISAF?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Outstanding, Oct 27, 2010.

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  1. If we are to leave in 2014 and as we graduallu hand over the rest of Helmand to US Forces - we had better see some movement planning starting to get all our kit back soon?
  2. Could we not just cache it for when we return a few years after?

  3. Nah. It's perfectly clear we'll never engage in COIN warfare EVER AGAIN to the big boys at MoD so all the kit can be flogged at a car boot fair one morning. There's a good one near Catterick every Sunday. ;-)
  4. ****ing hell I hope I get a tour out there in 2014 backloading the kit, KERCHING (for the MOD of course, because I'd make sure all buckshi stores are returned)
  5. With several more countries now declaring that they will be out in the course of 2011 - its questionable if we'll even be there as long as to 2014
  6. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    The majority of kit will be sold off as it was bought under UOR and is not sustainable in current equipment funding lines.

    Throw that one in and see what happens.
  7. Add to that the Whole Life Costs of the euipment did not foresee it being returned to Europe for use. The costs of transportation and space to store it in UK, let alone repair, refurbishment and maintenance are huge. As most of the stuff is purpose built for specific operation in theatre (and is generally unsuited for European Ops) sale to ANA is most likely. Of course ANA have no money so perhaps we could get an expert Minister in such commercial trading - say Mr G Brown (of gold fame) to sort out the deal.
  8. That would make sense, unless of course we were so silly as to add some national caveated material to some of the equipment....
  9. No doubt we will end up paying Terry to take it off our hands.
  10. Yes, because leaving off the words "UK EYES ONLY" is a good way of ensuring equipment has no intelligence value...or perhaps we should just leave off the equipment in the first place?

    At the end of the day, sensitive kit (comms, ECM, armour) can and will be stripped out before disposal. But to be honest, most of that kit will be buggered beyond belief by 2015, and will be fit only for the scrappies. How much kit we take into core after that is another matter, and depends on whether you believe that our current Equipment Plan will be fit for all future roles...