UK Newspaper article on Obama

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Pork_Pie, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Indy Article

    Article by son of a minister of Margaret Thatcher, on Barack Obama.

    Basically suggests - shock, horror - Obama is not too different to most other politicians.

    Not military, but would be interesting to know what US Arrsers think of it.

    Apologies for any typos - those nice people from Fullers have helped me pass the night in a very pleasant way.
  2. McCain was not my first choice for the nomination as 1) I like Guliani and 2) I was turned off by some of his criticism of General George Casey during his confirmation hearing for Chief of Staff. General Casey is a decent honorable man and did not deserve to be punished for following lawful orders.

    That said, McCain is an extremely honest and honorable person IMHO. He is not the most dynamic public speaker and, of course, cannot make the physical gestures that most speakers do as he cannot raise his hands above shoulder height due to all the torture.

    Many politicians say they will be able to work with all officials and parties. McCain actually has been doing that for years and much of his problem within the Republican party has been his willingness to reach compromise and to work with Democrats. He is also a strong voice for political integrity as to campaign finance, NOT Hillary's strong suit.

    We know Hillary hates the military and Obama seems far worse on national security issues than Hillary.
  3. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I read the article and wasn't overly impressed with it. Actually, I thought the article spent to much time discussing McCain instead of Obama. I seemed to be biased against the other party. Of course, I do not like either Democratic candidate, especially Obama.

    I don't think it's any secret to people who have been around for awhile and know how politicians really work and know how to check a Senators, voting record, etc. that Obama is just another politician.

    An inexperienced one at that! To me, he sounds very naive in his thoughts with dealing with world leaders of other hostile countries and the war in Iraq.

    I also feel that he has his own set of interests and/or people to keep happy. His statements about reducing the Armed forces and cutting defense spending sounds rather dumb to me, in this day and age when we are fighting two wars.

    The latest primary results in both Texas and Ohio, seem to confirm the fact that not all the people fall for his 'chicken in every pot,' and false promises, etc. IMO, 'Billary,' will win the Democratic primary.

    Bottom line on the article, yes it did point out he was just another politician. (Below par politician. IMO.)
  4. Does it really make any difference. The Democrats have missed their chance to walk into power in this election.
    The vast majority of the American public are heartily sick of Bush and this administration. However, by not fielding a mainstream candidate, and by that I mean a White Male, sorry but it's true, the Democrats have opened the door to John McCain to walk into power later this year.
    The majority of America is not ready for either a black or female president!
  5. For me, it's really not an factor that Clinton is a woman and Obama is black.

    It's not a factor that either is more experienced than the other. I'm fairly certain hillary is a first or second term senator as well as Obama.

    First, neither Democrat has served in the armed forces nor do I think they have an inkling of how the military works.

    Hillary's moral and ethical views are questionable in my opinion. It's also quite clear that she will do or say anything to get elected.

    Obama, as far as I am concerned, is running on little more than the color of his skin. He hasn't come out with any substantial ideas or platforms, just the same old stuff we hear from politicians looking to get elected.

    Then there is McCain. I would have voted for him last election had he run. He's a man that has consistently showed that he has an ethical background .

    He also knows, full well, the cost of sending soldiers into harms way.

    That being said, it's sad in that what the US needs most right now is a politician that is adept in international affairs, and all three do not seem to fit the bill.

    McCain will get my vote but for lack of a better candidate.