UK needs to be in space

The McCanns, with Maddy and the other kids...........................if they find her

Oh, and the stupid bint in the black SAAB 93 that wouldn't get out of my fcuking way on the A303 this morning! Whore!
Anybody who'e ever been on reality TV. Or watched it. Or thought it sounded a good idea.


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The entire cast of the present government, apart from Jacqu Smiths breasts.
That cnut Michael Winner - I'll give you "Calm down dear". :twisted:

Oh and that other cnut Esther Rantzen.

And Janet Street Porter - buck-toothed cow.


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What's with the politicos and firing them into space muppets? You've got to get them back to planet Earth before you can fire them back out again.
Jeremy Kyle and Trisha Goddard, for giving Chavs the impressions that;
a) They matter
b) Anyone gives a fcuk
a. Chavs.
b. The Labour party.
c. Cat drop-kickers.
Hang on, I've just had an epiphany!

Why waste time and resources shooting them into space when we can simply just shoot them?

Then, we use their corpses as fuel for a productive space mission, like making contact with the blue-skinned honeys or foam-rubber life forms outer space is populated with. As is my understanding.

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