UK navy fires on Spanish flag

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vampireuk, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. InspectorDiver

    InspectorDiver War Hero

    So in effect, they surrendered to a Spanish police boat?
  2. Quickly lads,hand over your ipods.
  3. Mr_Bridger

    Mr_Bridger War Hero

    Excellent :)

    Did they have their IPODs taken off them?

    Edited - beaten to it on the Ipod gag
  4. Thats no gag.It's now SOP.
  5. Mr_Bridger

    Mr_Bridger War Hero

    Spaniard Operating Procedures ?
  6. BornSlippy

    BornSlippy Old-Salt

  7. rabid_hamster

    rabid_hamster War Hero

    Spain's main opposition Popular Party has urged the government to demand what it calls the "respect that Spain deserves".

    They want THAT little? Poor, hard up, moustachio'ed dagos ... tip them 10 pesetas extra and get them to bring another round of beers mucho fasto.
  8. Is this for the first time since:

    21st of October 1805 ?

    a day of Blessed Memory.
  9. gits shold have taken the police boat out.
  10. Nelson would be doing backflips in his grave, clearly the obvious choice would have been to remind the spanish who controls the waters around that area..... still :wink:
  11. not that similar;

    Marker buoy:

    Spanish Flag:

    HERE[​IMG] is another Spanish Flag:

    Spanish Pants:

    Attached Files:

  12. jagman

    jagman LE

    Errrrr, well........
    Due to a clerical error on the part of our government it isn't really that simple.......
    You see, its a bit like this, somebody kinda fooked up and allowed Spain to claim responsiblity for a large portion of Gibraltar waters through the EU

    I kid you not.....
  13. Onetap

    Onetap LE

    I doubt that they hit it, so what's the problem?

    "Ambassador Giles Paxman conceded it was insensitive and an error of judgement."

    His brother is called Jeremy.
  14. I am soooooooooooooooooo stupid. OK, I admit you all know that already, but:

    What is: 'The UK Navy'?

    Has Her Majesty relinquished her Royal Navy to the Euroswine?

    I am old and knackered (but always win at 'Mornington Crescent' - well nearly always.

    Is it in celebration of having yet another layer of expensive 'government' IMPOSED UPON US that takes over and renders redundant all previous arrangements?

    [align=center]Long Live The Queen[/align]