UK Naval Task Force foils pirate attack

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 14, 2012.

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  2. So, cargo ship stops other cargo ship from going out to sea by circling it and not actually attempting to get rid of the pirates on board.

    Stupendous news. I imagine Nelson is watching from above with immense pride.
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  3. Oh I thought this took place on the river Ribble.
  4. 'Greek-owned chemical tanker Liquid Velvet has been held to ransom since last November'

    The pirates must be terrified now. Nothing like a bit of 'Action This Day', is there?
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  5. So by 'Task Force' the MOD means 'a ship' and by 'foiled an attack' they mean 'drove round a ship that's already been pirated'?
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  6. We did not realise that the RFA had it in them.
  7. Despite your eager desire for a bloodbath involving the likely death or injury of any civilians being held captive on board, your wish has been granted:

  8. Foils? What like "Bacofoil", wrapped 'em up? With a hat on?.
  9. The RFA do a lot of foiling these days.

    All our vast armada of Frigates and Destroyers must be very busy elsewhere.

    Action this Decade!
  10. I hope not otherwise they'd have lifted the cockle pickers if they haven't already been fucked off. Tractor Dave was not a happy man.
  11. Well colour me surprised. When are they getting their council houses in London?
  12. I thought they are now dropped off in Kenya to be tried there?
  13. So on deployment, the captain sails round to show everyone what pirates look like and also sends up the chopper so they can get a look see too. Then home for tea and to write a glowing after action report.