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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Clerk_of_Jerks, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. I've just been emailed this link. It's very Navy biased at the moment but it may have some potential.......

  2. Do you think they'll let us play with guns come the revolution?

  3. I think its a great idea. The UK needs much larger - and better paid - armed forces.
  4. A kind of BAFF

    Set up by someone else.

    Name begins with B perhaps and ends with an arabic type godhead???
  5. Have you got a link Sven????
  6. Should have been a question mark or two in there

    I'll see to it now.

    The Link
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Is there an Arabic god called Ollocks?
  8. Fuygly, I agree with You entirely - but others MAY think the organisation not to be bollox
  9. Never heard of B'allah :twisted:

    But if it increases awareness of the plight of our Armed Forces - good for it.
  10. Faugh-a-B'allah, maybe?
  11. "I know chaps, this weekend lets re-invent the wheel !"

  12. I agree with you rickshaw-major. As someone posted earlier, its genesis is the Royal Navy, but it can't meet its own objectives unless it broadens its scope to embrace all the Armed Forces. Perhaps giving it time to develop and then measure its effectiveness would be a prudent step.
  13. So long as it doesn't distract from the work of BAFF, having another pressure group raising awareness of this issue can only be a very good thing indeed. More voices in the choir, that sort of thing...
  14. To be fair, the aim of the NDA is to promote the defence of the nation and raise awareness in the public eye whereas BAFF is intended to look out for the interests of individual service personnel and service personnel in general. They are different but complementary. I'm still waiting to see how they develop before I fork out for yet more subscriptions. Being retired, I don't think I'm eligible for BAFF anyway.
  15. That can also work the other way, now two groups then three or four, all trying the same thing, can rather muddy the waters. If this second group knows of the existence of BAFF, then why have another group, why not help or join, sometimes having another Org can be more of a hindrance.