UK must slash defence spending

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. UK 'must slash defence spending'

    Costs of two new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy have risen 25%
    The UK should consider slashing defence spending by up to £24bn and revisit plans to renew its Trident nuclear deterrent, a think-tank report says.
    Britain cannot afford much of the defence equipment it plans to buy, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) report says.
    Its authors include former defence secretary Lord Robertson and the ex-Lib Dem leader, Lord Ashdown.
    It comes after news of a £1bn cost overrun on two new aircraft carriers.
    The original budget for the two carriers for the Royal Navy was £3.9bn but the BBC has seen a memorandum revealing the programme will come under "severe pressure" because of the cost escalation.
    The head of the Royal Navy, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band, has previously defended the new carriers from accusations they were outdated "Cold War relics".
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  2. Isn't the defence budget £36bn? so the Forces would be left with around £12bn a year? or am i being a mong.
  3. Why do I think that all this is leading towards joining a European Army / Air Force / Navy and just maintaining a small National Defence Force something like the US National Guard?
  4. Think tank maps out future UK defence

    By Paul Reynolds
    World affairs correspondent, BBC News website

    The report wants the Trident replacement plan to be reviewed
    A report by defence experts for the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has called for radical changes in British security and defence policy.
    The think tank's report is basically a plea that Britain should stop punching "above its weight" and start punching at its proper, much lighter, weight.
    The report should be seen as part of a sequence since World War Two in which Britain has had to adjust its defence policy to fit its diminishing place in the world, often against resistance from entrenched political, military and industrial interests.
    The IPPR predicts that the US will soon no longer be the "single superpower" but will remain the one with the "greatest overall impact".
    As for the Europeans, it says: "The individual countries of Europe, including the United Kingdom, are... continuing a long and gradual process of decline."
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  5. So we would kiss goodbye to our UN seat (as much as that's worth) if we lost trident.

    So increase the Green army, but cut back on the navy and it's force protection capabilities so what happens when the army needs to go somewhere that is not near it's bases? i guess you just hop on BA and get a flight next door.
  6. Because if the globalists get their way national armies/navies,etc will become a thing of the past-only sufficient forces to maintain internal security will be needed.
  7. Shared Responsibilities
    A national security strategy for the UK
    ISBN: 9781860303258
    Author: ippr Commission on National Security in the 21st Century
    Price: £15.99
    Publication Date: 30 June 2009

    This is the final report of the ippr Commission on National Security in the 21st Century, an all-party Commission preparing an independent national security strategy for the United Kingdom. Based on research and Commission deliberations over a two-year period, the report sets out a wide range of proposals designed to make our country and its citizens, businesses, and communities more secure.

    Our recommendations include:

    A new approach to the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan

    Proposals to improve the UK’s energy security

    Measures to address radicalisation and the threat of terrorism here in the UK

    The call for a transformation in our approach to defence policy, and measures to strengthen both NATO and the European pillar of the transatlantic alliance

    Measures to strengthen and improve the institutions handling security at the centre of government
    Proposals for improved global governanceM

    A call to strengthen and deepen the legitimacy of the security strategy we pursue.

    Our report, as with our interim report, Shared Destinies: Security in a Globalised World, is a call to action. We face serious and worsening international security challenges but provided we are willing to learn lessons, to change the way we think, to find the necessary political will and to adapt our policy solutions and instruments to new circumstances, there is much that can be done. In the post 9/11, post financial crisis world of complex threats and limited national resources, this report charts a safer course for the country in turbulent times.

    Link to full report
  8. Ah, another one of those reports that somehow we'll be better off by weakening ourselves and reducing our international influence further- I especially loved that bit about 'The Individual countries of europe...are continuing a long and gradual process of decline' ah yes, lets accelerate the process why not? Its utter rubbish, we spend 5 times of paying people to sit on their arrrses via the welfare state that we do on defence- maybe the report should read 'If this country wasn't run by ignorant buffoons who think its acceptable to have 57% of the population dependant of government largess, we could afford whatever we wanted'. This report actually adovocates us moving into closer alliance with countries it reckons are in decline, and away from the worlds only surviving superpower, its rot...
  9. There's a typo there. The correct sentence should read:

  10. I was surprised that the outrage bus had not yet managed to mention "third world army", "gendarmerie" "Britain is an island" etc etc. Would normally have expected those old chestnuts by now.
  11. And why not? Thats the way we're headed! Some outrage, especially about how this country is being run into the ground, is necessary. Going 'oooh, outrage bus, out rage bus!' is becoming a lazy way to smother debate ...
  12. When did we last use navy's force protection capability?
  13. Haven't found the link yet but I saw Blair on panorama last night saying just that. Apparantly we are nothing in the world compared to India and China who will carve up the world with the US and of course Europe will have a much bigger say in how our forces are best deployed in the future.
    This is the same person who led the world into terrorist appeasement, the only way he can be stopped is by a bullet between the eyes.
  14. 2003?