UK Muslims whinging again

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by armourer, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Oh dear the sad, poor muslims, how horrible, so much more terrible than how the families of the 52 murdered victims must feel.

    I guess that it's because the muslim murderers come from the muslim community and us nasty infidels are obviously rascist in thinking the wanted terrorists are also within the muslim community.
  2. The current wave of terrorists came from withing the Muslim community and so, if not only from fear the rest of the population need reassuring that the Muslim community is doing everything it can to prevent this from happening again. Time to decide if they are Muslims in Britain, or British who happen to be Muslims.

    As for their fear that they are going to be targeted by the police in the same way that the Brazilian was, all they have to remember is that if they do exactly what the police say, not run, they will be fine. It is interesting to note that they fear that they will be stopped because they are muslim. That may be so, but if they are dressed the same as the bombers were (ie in western style clothes) I'm not sure the police could tell the difference between a Muslim, Hundu, Jew or even Brazilian. Lets get away from the fact that it's a race or religion thing. It's more like a 'way you look thing' and that's human nature and nothing but the Muslim community handing over disenfranchised potential terrorists and anyone inciting hatered toward what is after all supposed to be their 'new' home, can ever change that..

    I think I've heard this somewhere before, but "The ball's in their court"!
  3. Whilst this conversation would be very interesting 'down the boozer' and I'm sure that some of the points are very accurate and supported by evidence, I doubt that the MODs will agree it to be in the domain of Arrse.

    Less than 5 minutes before locking?
  4. The Irish in Manchester felt this way too after the Manchester bombing in 1996.
  5. As the police haven't confirmed that they have made arrests after Thursdays bunged attempt, it is rather obvious that someone is sheltering these people, you don't have to be a mathematician, to work out that it is probably muslims, who are doing the sheltering, ergo all the pious crap that the imams are coming out with has no effect whatsoever on the way these people operate.
    Ofcourse they are under suspicion, are not all the terrorist attrocities in the world carried out by muslims? Maybe it is easier to play with their minds, no sensible person is going to believe the paradise sh!te, 70 virgins for eternity.
    Nope catch them, punish them, take it a little further, shoot to kill and bury them in a wet pigskin, you wont get many takers for the semtex jacket if they know thats coming, then take a leaf out of the Iraelies book, make their families suffer, confiscation of all the extended families property, kicked out back to sand land, you want to believe in Allah, good Fcuk off and do it somewhere else.
  6. Christ, and I thought I was right wing.

    I agree that although there are some things our government can do to help improve relations between the Muslim community and the authorities (which in days gone by would have been termed diplomacy, but you can't measure the efficacy of diplomacy, so now we have to have quotas, targets etc etc), I don't advocate going 'Israeli' on their @ss.

    I do agree that the ball is very firmly in their court though.
  7. Well I know what me and 'alot' of people think should be done about them but I'll you keep guessing eh :wink:
  8. the pig skin thing stopped janisseries attacking vienna so suicidally when the turks were stampeeding about in the 1600's. As a aresult of the pig skin, they cant get to heaven - so scrape the remains of the suicider, turn him into a v large pork sausage and see if that does any good. Got to be better that shooting brazilians
  9. It's not right wing, not in my mindset anyway, just p!ssed off with us having to bend over backwards to appease them.
    Try a visit to Pakistan or any Stan for that matter, start breeding pigs, why not, they complained when they couldn't slaughter their goats on the main road, nope, it's just way past the time that we shouldnt try to appease them anymore.
    Intergrate by all means, but that means the minority bend to the will of the majority, not vice versa
  10. As per BBC - Muslims feel 'under suspicion'. edited as - dammit, I fcuked up.

    But consider, chaps/brothers, that this is exactly the collective 'chip on the shoulder' reaction upon which the terrorists rely. Do you really think that every dusky is to be assassinated if he's going at more than walking pace?.

    Much has been said over the last few weeks, and we've listened to many a whinge from Muslims/Brazilians/rent-an-Ethnic. What if our Brazilian had not been stopped and had been entering not Stockwell tube, but the Whitechapel Mosque?. The very place subject to extremist Muslim threats, and causing an evacuation of many a child at Friday payers last week. In the end chances/risks are taken - IN GOOD FAITH, and on behalf of society as a whole. There are 1½ Muslims in the UK, but I'll bet the proportion that died on 7th July was greater than that of Muslims in UK and of Muslims in London.

    On the whole therefore, the police action is protecting Muslims more than non-Muslims. Unless more is known and is being withheld, I fancy that the guy who did the deed at Stockwell is feeling pretty rough at the moment, and innocent people are more at risk because our guys (Met, 'them', etc) have some kind of conscience.

    Please support those doing a very difficult and traumatic job - mistakes may be made costing one or two innocents. If you can't live with that, accept terrorism, slavery, and anything else because that's what'll come to us all. It's a tough world, or 'Sh1t happens'.
  11. No they are not.

    Every sect/race/religion/creed has its own terrorists and they all carry out attrocities (sic) in the name of whatever deluded bullshit they believe in.

    There were 3192 confirmed terrorist attacks in 2004 including ETA, ALF, Tamil tigers, Kahane Chai (Kach), KGK, Shining Path (SL) etc etc etc.....

    A few facts and a bit less tub thumping xenophobia might be useful :roll:
  12. I imagine that many of those who live/work in London feel under threat from terrorists, the latest of which, no matter how much they try and tell us otherwise, came from within the Muslim part of the community, as Armourer points out. The innocent, of course, have nothing to fear (provided, natch, that they stop when told to do so by an armed police officer!), and I would have thought that most innocent people would find having their bag searched a small price to pay for security.
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    Usual 'lightly informed', highly selective and mainly offensive pretence at debate..... hence moving it where it belongs

    Apologies to VB and Steven for attempting to drag it away from the tabloid level to which it had sunk.

    Complaints to me.
  14. Urband legend has it that :

    Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Bob Graham (D-Fla.) cited as an example a dinner he attended last week with people who work on intelligence issues and have connections to the intelligence community. The dinner conversation ranged in part on how U.S. military commander "Black Jack" Pershing used Islam's prohibition on pork to help crush an insurgency on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao after the Spanish-American War at the turn of the last century.

    In one instance, Graham explained in an interview, U.S. soldiers captured 12 Muslims. They killed six of them with "bullets dipped into the fat of pigs."

    After that, Graham said, the U.S. soldiers wrapped the Muslim rebels in funeral shrouds made of pigskin and "buried them face down so they could not see Mecca. Then they poured the entrails of the pigs over them. The other six were forced to watch. And that was the end of the insurrection on Mindanao," Graham noted.

    And that :

    Col. John J Pershing threatened the mullahs with . . . "splattering of pigs-blood on your houses and families and any who attack us and are killed will be buried in pig-skins." Consequently the mullahs made Pershing an Honorary Chieftan with little if any more trouble in his area of command.

    better still read on...

    Islam has a variety of sects and sub-sects just as Christianity has a multiplicity of denominations; assuming that all "Muslims" believe and behave identically is like assuming that all Catholics and Baptists believe and behave identically because both of the latter groups are "Christians." In one sense, messages such as the ones quoted above could be considered as silly as Muslims' proclaiming that a good way to throw the USA into disarray would be to "bomb" America with juicy steaks on Fridays, because "Americans are Christians," and "everyone knows Christians who eat meat on Fridays go to Hell." Never mind that not all Americans are Christians, that not all Christians are Catholics, that not all Catholics believe in exactly the same things, that not all Catholics are equally religious or faithful, and that even the "rules" of Catholicism have changed over time.

    Also implicit in this type of reasoning is the notion that "terrorist," "Muslim terrorist," "fanatical Muslim" and "devout Muslim" are all synonymous. They aren't — just as not all Muslims are terrorists, not all terrorists are Muslims; one need not be devout to be fanatical, and not all religious fanatics are devout.

    The terrorists who hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 were reportedly seen partaking of alcohol and engaging the services of naked lap dancers, activities which should have been anathema to true Muslims. Perhaps they were Muslims in name only, maybe they weren't all that devout, or possibly they rationalized that Allah would overlook their transgressions with booze and women since they were about to die in the service of Islam. Whatever the case, concerns about the afterlife probably wouldn't have dissuaded the hijackers from their plans to crash Flight 11 into the World Trade Center had a few pigs turned up on board the plane. If Allah was a concern, well, the hijackers could choose to believe that Allah would understand and make allowances for true warriors of the faith — after all, the Koran teaches against suicide in the first place.

    If only it was so easy , just a frw porkers and the world will be saved!.
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    Cheers for the link Whiffler, but the side that came up was "Albatross chicks attacked by mice."