UK Muslims to fight for al Qaeda in Somalia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rayc, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    UK Muslims to fight for al Qaeda in Somalia

    London: Dozens of radicalised Muslims in Britain are being trained by militant Islamists to fight in a “holy war” for Al Shabaab, the al Qaeda inspired Somali terrorist group, it has emerged.

    Intelligence experts believe that nearly 50 British “volunteers”, including white Christian converts and British-Somali men, have been recruited to fight for the terror outfit in Somalia.

    They believe the British volunteers form the core of an international force of foreign fighters drawn from the United States, Canada, Europe and East Africa, The Telegraph reports.

    Government officials have raised fears that the failed state is rapidly becoming a recruiting ground for British Jihadists in much the same way as Afghanistan was in the 1990s.

    The Security Service believes that British volunteers who survive the bloody civil war may return to the UK as hardened terrorists eager to launch attacks against the homeland.

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    UK Muslims to fight for al Qaeda in Somalia
  2. Good, this is something we should be encouraging.

    The more we can ship to Somalia, the fewer there are here. Those that survive can simply be executed when they arrive back at Heathrow.
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  3. That's my view as well - off they toddle, hopefully get shot but should they make it through, they can't come back to the UK. They forfeit any right to our passport.
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  4. How do they all get flights to Somalia? Its not like you can book it in Thomas Cook and surely it would raise suspicians.

    I mean, I would hope that if one 'radicalised' muslim boarded my flight to Tenerife, then the powers that be would know them and arrest them. Yet here we are, with common knowledge (it seems - thanks to the sun) that hundreds are boarding flights which get them to Somalia.
  5. Fly to Kenya, drive north?

  6. Aha, that is called racial profiling and is contrary to European Human Rights legislation.
  7. At least the 'white Christian converts' will be easily identified when the shooting starts.
  8. I see what your saying, but surely if the pillar stone of the press world known as zeenews knows they are radicalised muslims, then it isnt random racial profiling?

    I thought racila profiling was stopping a caucasian cripple when a random young angry looking man who is sweating, mumbling under their breath jihad, using a black marker to censor the alcohol adverts in duty free, having a long but whispy beard and smelling like bonfire night was upgraded to business class and given sterling silver steak knives, deodrant and a Quantas lighter.
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  9. You 'aving a laugh?

    They'll present themselves at the British Embassy in Kenya as distressed persons, and get flown back to the UK at taxpayer expense for NHS treatment for their wounds, social housing etc.
  10. A family wedding, obviously, at which various shrapnel and flash injuries were sustained.

    In fact, I'm surprised none of them have yet claimed that their 'wedding' was shot up by a drone, and sued for compensation. No imagination, some people.
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  11. Not only waved you through but made sure you got preferential treatment, waved through the metal detector incase your composite hook set it off, allowed to remain in the toilets when the smoke alarm went off and allowed you to fly the plane even though you were heading for the Gherkin, just incase someone cried racial profiling.
  12. If the 7/7 bombers are anything to go by the benefits will continue to be claimed by the Widow and children

    What have these fuckwits got to lose?
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Ah, but thats exactly how CTC and SO15 get their core business at the ports.

    And as for flights to Somalia, countless connections are available. Arab hubs are very popular.

    As for stripping passports? If someone is a Somali Brit, they cant be removed back there and most never had a passport there, or were born here.
  14. I am all for muslims who live in the UK fighting for Al Qaeda in some shit hole. That way, they will get themselves slotted and Britain doesn't have to pay them benefits. However, the family of that person should be deported to the nearest muslim shithole country as they are obviously happy to raise terrorists.
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