UK MOD Response to Yon Criticism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. Bitch and Whinge, Bitch and Whinge.... how about taking the time to read? too much trouble after getting shitfaced last night?

    So the Embed basically ended because MoD couldn't find tent space at Bastion for a Journalist. Thats what your puzzle palace claims basically.
  2. I am learning the real meaning of "you can't please everyone all the time." I get slagged for cutting and pasting and just when I try something else.....

    Oh well.
  3. Are you a rebel, Sir? Trying new ways? Not Cricket Sir! Not Cricket!
  4. As much as his reporting is usually pro us and accurate he and all other journos have to realise that just by being there they're putting a strain on the staff that have to move them about, feed them and keep them alive. So as much as we'd love to have 8 journos per section out with us ( :roll: ) it can't be the case and eventually in the name of fairness he's going to have to move out.
  5. This I take it has been vouchsafed by the Ministry of Certain Things except Warfare, formerly The MoD
  6. To be fair, as anyone who's tried to get in and out of Bastion recently, either forward or rearward, might attest, there is a big shortage of transport.

    Every politician, reporter and camera crew who need flying here and there is one less Tom being flow here and there. Add in the people who have to babysit them and the numbers start getting large. Obviously limits have got to be set on how many you can support.

    That there are Media Ops staff who are about as much use as tits on a fish I have no doubt, but I could probably say the same of many correspondents. So where do you draw the line on numbers?
  7. First of all thanks for your service in the current operations.

    You summarize the dilemma well an fairly I think. I suppose it has always been ever thus. It is of course complicated more modernly in that the "Ernie Pyle" type war correspondent is not the norm and it is easy to have the few that are get lost in the broader shuffle that is usually driven by policies (and attitudes) of the military driven by the majority of media reps who regrettably are ot of the mettle of a Pyle or a Yon.
  8. I'm flattered but save it for the lads and lasses who really deserve it. My time spent sitting on my arrse in ops with a cafe and a pizza hut nearby is hardly worthy of thanks! :D
  9. Still much closer than I am so thanks all the same.
  10. I don't buy the MOD angle at all. It might be true for all I know, but given that Mr Yon's embed was ended so abruptly and unexpectedly, coupled with his more than clear description of some Rupert (I believe he was a Major) who was less than helpful and worse than useless, it appears to me that a few strings were pulled because Mr Yon put somebody's schnozz out of joint. It wouldn't surprise me at all if yon Rupert had thrown his toys out of the pram and bubbled him up because Mr Yon recognised him for the plonker he was/is.

    All in all, though, it seems a rather rum affair when the MOD goes to the trouble of responding to something like this. Maybe they did get a strop on because of Mr Yon's mention of a wokka shortage and are now trying to cover their arrses.

    Just a thought.

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  12. Sorry-I did a search on "Yon" and did not see it.