UK Minimi in 7.62mm ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Has it been issued ? Rumours doing the circuit that all UK Minimi"s are going to be replaced by or converted to 7.62mm
  2. I've heard nothing (but that doesn't mean much). Why have a 7.62 minimi when we have the GPMG, seems a bit pointless to me
  3. Especially seeing as the major benefit of MINIMI at section level is its use of 5.56 and its ability to accept an A2 mag.

    I can't see the GPMG going anywhere just yet.
  4. unless they re-issue slr's
  5. Come come Bipolar77, don't start raising every bodies hopes like that!
  6. would make sense, has the range ans stopping power, plus supply chain only 7.62 ammo needed so can cross load between gpmgs, slr, etc
  7. they will have to take them back off the 12-year-old Sierra Leonean soldiers that they sold them to 1st
  8. Now you're talking far too much sence.

    One has to ask (and I'm sure many will answer) if the system wasn't broken why did they fix it?
  9. :x What have you done????
  10. only the ones they bought.

    what about the mob stocks, TA, Regular units that are no more?
  11. mused over an idea, which may be beneficial to sldrs
  12. Including the one that 1 PARA told the Bloody Sunday Enquiry was destroyed or lost? :wink:
  13. You've probably broken an arrse record and turned an unrelated thread into a thread about SLR's within 4 posts.
  14. pretty much all sold onto the European civilian market via a dealer in Belgium.

    They're going for around 550 euros over here if you want them back!
  15. If we HAVE to have a 7.62 rifle in the Sections to make this possible then make it the HK417.

    2x 7.62 LMGs
    2x UGLs
    6 x HK417s

    And every rifleman with a chainsaw bayonet that fires lasers. If only I was in procurement.