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UK military to get biggest spending boost in 30 years

So that skreeee tik tik skreee skreee tik skree sound wasnt the EW system interfering with comms/ TV / Radio it was just the Nav loading the mission tapes
If he remembered to take them out to the jet!


How much of it will need to be banked to pay for this ?

The article goes on to say

I remember some getting hoofed around 1980

That equates to around 9 Infantry Battalions getting hoofed between 1980 - 2000.

It's not going to be cheap.
I knew someone in the 80's who wanted out, but couldn't afford to pay for it. So he told them he was gay and they gave him the boot.
It would be funny of they have to compensate him now.

Mölders 1

I believe it depended on your role and how long you had left back then. I have no idea about now.

When we were living in Germany, I heard a tale of one Soldier who went to the bank on his Lunchbreak, got a Bank loan came back and bought himself out of the Army and shacked up with his German Girlfriend.

So l just wondered roughly how much to buy yourself out.


I'll be sure to tell Uncle Nick I'm not MOD(Navy) next time he tells me to jump Davros.
Now go do something useful with yourself and stare at the stairs.

As I said, you’re not RN, stop trying to big up your part. You haven’t served, you’ve now idea of service and your position as a minor AA within the CS that works for the RN gives you absolutely no insight of the British Army.

The fact you’ve overheard some soundbites and used google does not equal experience.

Off you trot, toilets need cleaning.
Hmm ok how does a spending boost fit in with the Arrse subject heading "Army ‘to be cut by 20,000’ if No 10 plan is approved"?

As a best guess it‘s because Personnel are very expensive and the most difficult commodity to control. The increase in spending will be for new technologies, new capabilities to deal with emerging threats and some reorganisation.

Spending money on new tech and uprated equipment has the added bonus of providing a boost to industry and taxation if contracts are awarded with the UK or to improve foreign relations if not.

We also get to sell our old outdated kit to the Saudis at an inflated price.
Much more fun watching you scuff around the floor on your derrière polishing it as you go
Mind the staples though.;-)

You seem quite oblivious to the concept of a wheelchair.

Google it.
As predicted the idea is to spend more money on toys and less on boots on the ground. But all the shiny technology isn't going to run a test and trace or vaccination service or clear up after floods...

Deploy the CS.