Uk military involvement in anti-smuggling 1969-2010

Hello, looking for open-source help/advice, please on a/m subject.

I've 8 years service in the regular army which included border anti-smuggling tasks in Sierra Leone and Bosnia. I'm 52 now and doing a mature-student Masters degree at the Dept of War Studies, University of Glasgow. I've a 15,000 word paper to be submitted by 9 Sep 11. I've a lot of primary and secondary material which is great, interesting and relevant to complete the dissertation. What I don't have are people willing to recount their own experiences. Can anyone help?

Anyone who's been involved in this game will know a smuggler doesn't have an eye-patch, cutlass and cask of rum on his shoulder. Since 1969 in NI the guy/gal is an insurgent logistican. Every real/wannabe strategist knows "cut/eliminate enemy logistics" and you'll probably win the war i.e. if the insurgent has been prevented from receiving kit he's probably just down to chucking rocks and petrol bombs.

My distinct impression is during OPTAG it wasn't a subject that was discussed/taught. Then on deployment, our guys have very often been in border areas and have ended up doing anti-smuggling as an "implied task" category as opposed to specific anti-smuggling i.e. interdict/disrupt insurgent logistics. Anti-smuggling strategy is something I haven't been able to identify yet. It doesn't seem to feature at RMAS or Defence Academy.

Opinions/war stories are sought after, please.

All the Best, Bill

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