UK military interrogation manuals discovered

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Charm_City, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. From the Guardian

    Full story - Humiliate, strip, threaten: UK military interrogation manuals discovered | UK news | The Guardian

    It's all getting very messy

  2. Most of that the HSF did to me but I kept my clothes on.
  3. There are military manuals on all sorts of nasty things but acting on them is a different ball game.
  4. i'm not shocked. and i'm sure most readers won't be shocked. if they do this to ANYBODY they take off the streets it's wrong. but to definitive enemy combatants.... not bothered. unless they electrocute their balls. if it's just mindgames and humiliation... pfft who cares.

    it's a tough old world out there.

    the trick is not to physically torture them and take pictures pointing at their bits and laughing.
  5. sorry, after reading the entire article i must say. not good...

    but JJH, nobody said we were better than the yanks. but at least we can admit when we f***ed up ;)

  6. Now THAT is an innovative argument I must say. Silly me....
  7. calm down old bean, calm down.

    i know you're alright, underneath it all. ;)
  8. Au contraire mon ami. Several threads are rife with such assertions--and I hasten to again say I am not in any way defending any US practice along these lines either but rather gently pointing to the hypocrisy of some posters--no doubt borne either of an abiding dislike of all things American and/or appalling ignorance of which they were so quick to opine. As to your admission argument, I suppose it depends on which situation one examines and how you define "admit." For example, in this story, while(st) I no doubt missed it, I did not see any indication that anyone in MoD "admitted" anything of the sort.
  9. My dear sir, I am perfectly calm and actually enjoying my evening immensely. ;-)
  10. sorry to hear that. i hope you told them they are kn0bz.

    i must admit, guilty as charged! *blush*
    (well not all things, but most things... "Drive THRU... WTF man...)

    not so much talking about the MOD. they'd be playing the politics game. "wut? didn't know that, naughty boys! them!"
    i just feel that the british are slightly more aware of their faults, than the americans, because they've done a few hundred years more of bad stuff that everybody accuses them/us of. ;)
  11. Where can I buy a copy?

    Sounds like my initiation into the Regiment.
  12. Very good indeed. As to the last point I suppose it still depends on the specifics but I accept your view and note that our current Master is doing all He can to right the imbalance with his serial "apology tours" around the world.
  13. Do you mean "The" Regiment? The one with the green, no wait, I meant red boathouse?

  14. I think he meant! "The Army"

    Every one knows, the "Boathouse" is pink