UK may send troops to Congo

So just were does Cyclops think he can find the troops and funds to do so looks like some poor lads wont be home for christmas.....again this shower of sh1te of a goverment need to realize we are fighting on 2 fronts let the other NATO members who do jack sh1t take the reins for once

Britain may need to send troops to the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo if diplomatic efforts to find a solution to the crisis fail, a Foreign Office minister has warned. Skip related content
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UK 'may send troops to Congo'

Lord Malloch-Brown said that the UK and other European powers could not stand back if the fighting between government and rebel forces erupted again.

His comments came as Foreign Secretary David Miliband and his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner were embarking on a joint mission to the region to try to bring the warring parties together.

Lord Malloch-Brown said that while the priority was to find a diplomatic solution, contingency plans were being drawn up for the deployment of an EU force to bolster United Nations peacekeepers.

"We have certainly got to have it as an option which is developed and on the table if we need it," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

"The first line of call on this should be the deployment of the UN's own troops from elsewhere in the country.

"But we have got to have plans. If everything else fails we cannot stand back and watch violence erupt.

"Britain is currently the so-called standby country which would indeed need to contribute."

Lord Malloch-Brown stressed that the deployment of EU troops was a last option if all else failed.

Nevertheless his comments are likely to alarm British commanders at time when the Army is stretched fighting on two fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Do they do Osprey in Tropical DPM? No? Cos' they don't do CS95 in the fooking stuff...
:evil: African problem = african solution

Fooking stay away from this kind of crap and let the african nations do their thing its NOT our problem!
now theres a reality tv show if ever i saw one:

celeb peace keepers

i nominate jade goody and peirs morgan to be on it.
Absolutely concur. The problems with this would seem to be:

- where the heck are they going to get the troops from to deploy?
- this is a tribal conflict; the equivalent of a "domestic"
- as identified above, it's an African problem; therefore, let them find an African solution

The only reason I can think of for any non-African country getting involved in this would be to salve their consciences for not getting involved in the genocide of Rwanda, standing buy whilst mass murder took place.
CityBanker said:
The only reason I can think of for any non-African country getting involved in this would be to salve their consciences for not getting involved in the genocide of Rwanda, standing buy whilst mass murder took place.
Don't forget Zimbabwe Let's not do anything at all there.
That'll keep the region nicely unstable. Perhaps we could sell someone some weapons...
Could be a job for the FFL or the Belgian paras, currently under-employed.
Ridiculous. Assuming for a minute we had any reason to get involved the Congo is the size of Western Europe. You could deploy the entire British army and not cover a quarter of the ground. We could find maybe a RIC or two at best and when our politicians realise they've made another futile gesture to salve their consciences then.....E & E to Kenya? They just don't seem to learn.
We'd end up fighting a fruitless and unpopular war against some insurgent faction whose diamond mines we were threatening. It would become our Vietnam.

Now the French don't look too busy at all... :twisted:
As much as I don't like the idea of innocent people being killed anywhere

Africans have been killing eachother since long before I was born... Africans will still be killing eachother long after I am dead. The best solution to African problems are African solutions as has been mentioned. Thus proved by foreign military history in the region.

Lets stick to the other countries we've tampered with first.

Edit to add: the numbers involved as stated would have to be massive to make any decent dent. Painting three snatches and a Bedford Green and sending them over with a Platoon of TA Chefs won't cut it.
Yay - another medal and loan service pay for lots of senior officers. What's not to like? :D
Personally I'd say this is a bit of posturing by the gobment.

Make it look like they are about to do something impressive so as to look good to our global neighbours. Make a statement to that effect so that all the members of the public with more than a single brain cell who know that our Armed Forces wouldn't be able to sustain any more operational strain leave the Outrage Bus in REME where it's being worked on for over use and deploy the entire 49 Outrage Transport Sqn.
Gobment then gets to sit back and say that their people have spoken and it's a democracy after all, then send a token few troops to act as liason into a potentially dangerous situation with so many restrictions on their orders for opening fire that they have to get written permission from the Congolese Army before they can fart.

Still, I'll get my old beret out and wait for a lovely little letter from RTMC, with the amount of troops already dedicated to far flung hot places they should almost be desperate enough for a fat knacker ex loggie like me.

Does anyone other than Capt. Edmund Blackadder know how to say 'Do you do it doggy doggy?' in Swahili?
jarrod248 said:
If this continues there will be a recruitment drive on Arrse for the 1st Coffin Dodgers regt. of old crones. There will be a Golden Hello of Free Beer and Bensons. A daily Ration of Beer and Bensons will be given daily to prevent Alcohol and Nicotine withdrawals. The people who argue on the forums that the SLR was the best rifle will be given one and pointed in the direction of the Congo and given a map. There will be no parachute drops for fear of femur's snapping like dry twigs. Don't forget to tie that kitchen knife to the end of your sweeping brush.
Come on you lot sign up!
Many a true thing said in jest.

2003 Op Telic 1 and a mate of my dads got call up papers to tip up at RTMC Chilwell at the "grand old age" :wink: of 59. He'd left the army in 1981.

Needless to say a quick phone call and he was told to stay at home but my old man sat on the edge of his seat for weeks waiting for his papers.

There are blokes out there who would bite the governments arm off for another crack of the whip.
"le faites-vous chienchien de chienchien?"

they speak french pal.
The reason why there is speculation that it may be British troops is because the UK currently holds the 6 monthly rotation for one of the EU Battlegroups (Germany is the framework nation for the other).

As a Yank, I'm always puzzled as to why you guys even deal with the EU on defense matters anyway. It seems like it is always the Brits coming to the rescue of Europe. Most recently the deployment of the ORF to Kosovo back in May/June and now this!?
Whilst, in principle, we should deploy to help stave off a humanitarian crisis and prevent genocide if we can. The UK is fully deployed on two fronts and doesn't have the manpower to effectively deploy to another theatre, especially one which is a tropical/semi tropical climate.

Those of my age may remember that the Democratic Republic of Congo was formerly called The Belgian Congo. Does this give us a clue as to who should be providing the greatest part of any expeditionary force?

It's about time some of our Eurpopean neighbours started shouldering their fair share of the burden when it comes to military deployment. I think that we can all now see how a European Army would act, especially if the Supreme Command was not in UK hands.
The question is how will the UK benefit from any deployment to DRC? I can't see any (but then I am not clued up on Congo). To that end, I think this is mere lip service. After all, the UN already has 17000 troops in-country. Until these troops are made to get off their arrses and do something, I can see no justification for calling on the UK.