UK M249 / L110A1 rear sight

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MikeBoy, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. Got a question for you experts & users... obviously the rear sight on the UK L110A1 LMG is different than any other Minimi-version I have seen. I think this is because of the British non-standard 19.5mm dovetail rail, right? So that you can fit SUSAT there. Any other reasons?

    Also L110A1 sight images are really hard to come by; this is the best I've seen online yet:

    Now if somebody could post a better link or even photos that shows nicely the sight & rail under it, I'd be super happy! Also I'd like to know why and what for are those holes (?) on the top of the rail...
  2. Probably not
  3. Odd question for a first post. Why do you want to know?
  4. I'm a re-enactor slash militaria collector, and I'm currently putting together my "40 Commando" L110A1 gunner impression... Got the clothing, helmets and such, plus I have the weapon + rear sight itself, just need to fabricate / mod the top cover for it. So any info (pics especially) would be great to have from those who use the thing for real daily.

    Couldn't think better place to ask than here! I have followed these forums for quite a long time and have gotten tons of useful info already, and that's information from the field, not from manuals and outdated SOPs.

    I also have general interest towards guns, and the Brit way of doing things (differently than everybody else :))

    Maybe this explains my strange first post...
  5. We were the only ones dumb enough to adopt a NATO standard mount...

  6. If you want to re-enact what 40 Cdo do why don't you join up? :roll:
  7. Thank you for the suggestion. People buy fast cars too and yet they don't want to be race drivers... and I have done my senten-- service in the army, that was just very different time and place.

    Re-enacting and militaria collecting is a hobby, one among the gzillions, and why people choose do that instead of joining to do the real thing varies. I like the gear and military history part of it and let's leave it to that. At least I'm trying to do it right, as far as it's possible - but sometimes I need little bit of extra help like right now.
  8. Well if you've done some fair enough but I think re-enacting current events is basically walting. Try something pre 1980 at least....

    The holes in the top of the rail are for the sight locating dowel to fit into.
  9. I do WWII also :) Yeah, I know that current stuff is sort of wrong / too new to "re-enact". It's definately more low key activity than my WWII.

    Thank you for the rail hole info - much appreciated! I thought that they must be for that. Now if someone would post a photo of that rail... or at least answer these questions:

    1. Front top of the rail seem sligthly downwards sloped - is it just bumped / bent in action on those photos or like that from the start?

    2. What are the small dimples on the side of the rail - a stoppers for the rear sight or?
  10. As far as I remember, the rail is straight. Unless some idiot drops the thing and buggers up the runners. I think the dimples were for helping locate the sight properly. I only ever used the mong-designed-and-built-whore's-abortion iron sights, so I don't know what the procedure was for SUSAT.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  11. When were you in Tam?