UK Legal M14 7.62 straight pull

Neal at Suffolk Rifle Company has got a few UK Legal M14's in.



...In either UBR (Current US DMR rifle) or original configuration.

I'v asked him about costs, hopefully will post prices later on.
I was shooting with a bloke last year who had an M14...and I mean an M14 NM, not a civvie M1A. It was on a Winchester reciever with an extra heavy was a real lump of wood & iron. First 'real' one I've ever seen...he said he'd got another one at home...on a TRW reciever.

Sadly "gizzit" didn't work...even tried it three times in rapid succession. :drool:
Already got one, made specially for me by Fulton Armory in the States and imported personally a few years ago.
Fulton Armory do straight-pulls?


Did two for me (AR15 & M14 'Peerless') but charged me an extra $100 for NOT drilling the gas hole in the barrel (But they did say that they normally bought their barrels in pre-drilled so it was a special request.) I had to get another outfit to handle the export.
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