UK Law Stigmatises Mental Illness .

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. Do you know that anyone sectioned under the mental health act for 6 months or more is automatically banned from becoming a MP, a Director of a company or a member of the school governors for example, to name but a few positions in society.

    This effectively means that Mental illness is officially stigmatised by the law of the land.
  2. There is a bit of a difference between being Sectioned and being mentally ill, the bit being that the majority of mentally ill probably dont need sectioning.

    But just get this right, if i am sectioned for more than 6 months I can still have the following positions:

    Nurse (beverly allit)
    Caretaker (Ian Huntley)
    Doctor (Harold Ship)
    Pilot (Mohammed Atta)
    Scout Leader (Thomas Hamilton)
    Taxi Driver (Derrick Bird)

    So thats OK then.
  3. Has anyone told this bloke?

  4. What's up AF? Have you had a visit from the men in the white coats?
  5. Michael Caine.jpg
    Now there's not many people know that.........
  6. Well we wouldn't want the lunatics taking over the asylum would we?
  7. Rawhide is correct. There's a huge difference between being 'simply' mentally ill and being detained under the Mental Health Act. It's improving slowly. Detained patients are at least allowed to vote now.
  8. How is allowing people so dangerously insane that they have to be physically incarcerated the vote, an 'improvement'? If someone has to be locked up for their own safety or that of others because they think they're Jesus or believe that the postman's conspiring with Hitler against them, do you honestly think that they're likely to be capable of making a sensible choice of MP?

    As for the other prohibitions, surely that's just common sense too? Our pool of MPs and company directors is bad enough already without adding certified lunatics to the mix.
  9. Good God!!! Whatever next? What are they thinking of?

    They'll let women vote next!!!!
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  10. It is indeed common sense. My comment about the vote was semi-ironic but if you look at the way the rest of the public have voted in the last few elections then there's arguably no difference.

    Once someone's clear of Sec 117 aftercare arrangements the options as to what they can do open up somewhat. Not everyone who is detained (far from it in truth) will remain mentally unwell for the rest of the lives and in need of aftercare. There are a large number, particularly self harmers and personality disordered patients, who are detained but don't have a mental illness in its truest sense and they're just as able as you and I to make a rational decision about who to vote for.
  11. Some places they may have done so. Every time I go visit my elderly uncle in Connecticut I drive through Hartford, CT and laugh when I notice that the offices of the state legislature are on Asylum Street. I take it as a sign of honesty in government.
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  12. Don't worry I'm sure G4S will still take you.
  13. You obviously have never met my (soon to be ex) wife.
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  14. Disgusting. It should be embraced as a rite of passage for MP's, company directors and school governors. We should deliberately seek to employ lunatics and/or ex-lunatics as teachers, doctors and mental health professionals also.
  15. Are you a nutter?