uk law a rant

so tonys going to come back off off his hol with a whole new raft of laws thats going to make our lifes so much better :twisted:
heres a novel idea instead of producing more lwas how about spending the cash on enforcing the ones we got.
lets start with some simple ones the mobile phone driving one, cycling on the pavement dropping litter and letting your dog shit everyway. then maybe if your not allowed to be here go home or else.
plus the no tax no MOT bollocks to taking them to court turf them out and junk the car :twisted:
its called zero tolerance worked in new york
I've got my doubts about zero tolerance actually being that effective. Two of my cousins live and work in NY and, according to them, zero tolerance was only practised in certain (visible) parts of the city, This pushed the undesirables into other areas which the top brass deemed far enough away from the proccedings as to present no obvious contradiction to the cries of success.
It seems, however, that same undesirables (or maybe their offspring) are slowly trickling back to their old haunts, since it's apparently very difficult to sustain the necessary levels of manpower to police the policy.
This is all hearsay, of course, and my cousins could just have easily got it wrong. But I'd be interested to hear from others who've got further or better information.

brighton hippy, was just on about no tax no MOT, heres one for the slate! I went to tax my motor at the local PO on the beginning of the month, they said they couldn't do it cos i didnt have the V5 (reg doc) , true cos its new (well to me) but I did however have the little green slip. But that was no good, they sent me to the local DVLA office in Lincoln, ( what a bunch of helpful fcuckers btw) . Spoke to the young lady who looked like she had been fucked up the arsse without asking, she said no too! She said blah blah need to write to the dealer blah blah to see they sold you the car, even stamped and signed reciepts were not enough for this jobsworth. So there I am X miles from home, bein sent there by their agent, ie the PO , having full proof of ownership, MOT Insurance Old tax disc, and I am told towait for a V5 which may be 5 weeks , oh and heres the corker, fill in a SORN form cos if I dont i will be fined 80 notes for having no tax! Now tell me has it all gone a bit Pete Tong. You try to comply, and even when you wave the pound notes in their faces......... to quote Little Britain "Computer Says No!"
Thats the problem when you get too specific with legislation, its a right b@sr@rd to enforce fairly. Of course in the good old days when there was leeway to act with "commonsense" there would not be the same level of hassle.
Personally I think we (as a country) would be much better off reducing the amount of legislation on the books and as stated above increase the enforcement.
just drive illegally, don't register it in your name, don't tax it, insure it, drive away from petrol stations without paying or don't even bother MOTing it.
chances are you will just get a slap on the wrist, when the Police can be bothered to get round to your file, :roll:

but if you call anybody "Black" or use the "Black" word or even try to defend yourself against yobs, they will be on you like a ton of bricks

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