UK justice. A sad state of affairs.

From the Times (online)

Serial rapist was given ASBO to keep him off streets

From article
Dahir Ibrahim, 21, a Somali asylum-seeker, was sentenced to ten years in jail after being convicted of three charges of rape. The judge’s recommendation that he should be deported after serving his sentence may not be acted upon if Somalia is still considered to be too dangerous.
If this tawt thinks he can come to our country, rip off our benefits system and rape at will he can go back to Somalia with a "I love the American Rangers" T-shirt.

By Somalia, I mean Mogadishu.

Which prat thought that it is too dangerous for him?
According to the local Mogadishu chapter of Somalis in exile in the cafe down the road,are you aware Somalians have been taking 'holidays' back to their land of origin for the last 6 months?

Dangerous as hell then.
No I wasn't.

Just sort of rubs salt in the wound though, doesn't it?
What a suprise, the convicted rapist is an asylum seeker/ refugee/ illegal immigrant. Shame the media dare not say it or be punished by the CRE.

Watch crimewatch or read the papers. despite being in a minority it seems that a disporportianate amount of deviants, robbers, murders etc etc are from these groups.
Sadly, I am not surprised that the judge's reccomendtion is unlikely to be acted upon because the British judicial system has its hands tied by Europe. By Europe I mean the unelected, faceless bureaucrats that pass legislation via the back-door, keen to protect the rights of those who abuse the hospitality of the developed world. How about the right not to be raped or murdered?

IMHO the justice system has a clue in the name, justice. I believe if the UK was polled:

"Do you think that assylum seekers convicted of serious crimes should be deported regardless of the danger facing them in their country of origin?"

The answer would be a resounding 'Yes'. Justice involves an element of deterrent, and what greater deterrent is there? If you welcomed a stranger into your home, offered them hospitality and they stole from you, would you feel justified in throwing them out? Of course you would, they should have thought about that before breaching your trust.

Unfortunately, asylum is considered a right not a privilige, once established impossible to revoke. Yet does the public believe this to be fair? No, and there is nothing we can do about it. Whoever we vote for, whatever laws they implement will be overidden by European directives on human rights.

Democracy in action!?

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