UK join US in search of new 5.56 round...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yeoman_dai, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Cat, meet Pigeons, Pigeons, cat...

    I give it 2 posts before there is a fully fledged I-know-more-about-termial-ballistics-than-you flame war going on.

    I just think its quite an interesting story, and i wonder just now much more performance can be got out of the 5.56 in any case
  2. That's a lot of testing?

    ........... Keeping the tree huggers happy then?
  3. Not only keeping the tree huggers happy but dumping vast amounts of energy into the body and tumbling far quicker. Better all round.......
  4. Should end the whingeing about how this new fangled rifle can't blow anything like enough limbs off from half a mile.
  5. Environmentally long as that environment isn't anywhere inside you!
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  6. Don't forget the...

    "Bring back the SLR I say!":p
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  7. 1/2mv2
  8. If it has a steel core I suspect it will be lighter on a like for like basis. A heavier longer bullet would have some advantages if they can fit it into the case and keep the OAL the same.

    Still wiser head than ours are no doubt looking at this and it is cheaper than going down the new calibre rout
  9. Sierra make a heavy bullet that can still be loaded to NATO magazine length: 77 grain Sierra Match King

    US Navy has adopted it (loaded for them by Black Hills) and the seals have been using it. Apparently it doesn't penetrate cover as well as the 62 grain NATO ball, but it makes up for it in accuracy, range, and terminal effects.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    How can being lighter give it more stability, penetration and all the other bits it claims? As with another poster it isnt environmentally friendly if its fired at you!
  11. I'm sure they are going to test the nuts off any new round offered, but I can't see how a lighter round can perform better against light armour or body armour than an heavier one.

    I'm no physicist but just replacing dense lead with less dense steel must do something I guess.
  12. Not surprising as MacStab revived a thread started 4 years ago...