I am looking for unclas/open sources of information on the UK intervention in SL in 2000.

Grateful for any steer - I seem to remember one particular article or address given by Maj Gen Riley but am unable to trace that one - but I am sure that there are others.
Don't know much about it myself so these might be bum steers but these two books are (in my opinion) a pretty good primer if you know fcuck all about it:

Operation Barras by William Fowler
Operation Certain Death by Damien Lewis

There is also a dit about the raid at Gberi Bana written by one of the Para Officers involved in one of the AFMs. I can't remember which one but I figure it'll be one of the Infantry Pams - Infantry Coy Group or one of those.

Britain's Small Wars Website (not much on it I'm afraid):

Hope this helps
Connaughton, R. 'The Mechanics and Nature of British Interventions into Sierra Leone (2000) and Afghanistan (2001-2002)' , in Civil Wars (ISSN: 13698249), Volume 5 Number 2 Sum 2002, pp72-95

Connaughton, R. 'Operation Barras' in Small Wars and Insurgencies, Volume 12, Issue 2

Stuart Griffin, Joint Operations: A Short History, (MoD) 2005

Andrew Dorman, The British Experience of Low Intensity Conflict in Sierra Leone (pdf document)

The two journal articles are in academic journals (readership of about 3), but should be accessible on inter-library loan; both are in the Staff College library.

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