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Area 51 building plan. I am pretty confident that no dark suited individual will sdg.. . c., skdng ..............................


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With reference to Cpunks comment at No6 is a speculative poo like when you want to fart to are concerned that you might follow through?
So the SBS are experts in "Artic Warfare", eh? I'll have no truck with that one!
The GCHQ official history would probably give the old and bold a stroke. Bloody good book though.


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Mostly LOB.

Yah, 2006. Not sure about Wyclef Jean hooking up with Sakira and Nelly Furtado was **** but the Pussycat Dolls were still packing the dance floor.

What was the question?
Overseas Stations in the Post War period included
(BCCG -British Control Commission for Germany, Norfolk House, St James's Square, London SW1)
Interesting one. I ran security on that building for a few months when it was being renovated for takeover by some Finnish paper company long after its BCCG existence, back in the late 1970s. Diagonally opposite the former Libyan embassy from which WPC Fletcher was shot.

Five floors and the new lifts not yet installed. I've never been so fit.

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