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SIS Paramilitary/Covert Action Sections

"SIS had established a covert action or paramilitary capability before the war in the form of Section D. This had become one of the integral components of SOE in 1940. In the post war period SOE was abolished and many of its best officers and sections were to be absorbed back into SIS to become a new Special Operations Section in 1946, however it was officially named the
Directorate of War Planning.

The D/WP was in fact a resurrected and expanded Section-D and was tasked with carrying out 'special operations' and creating stay-behind networks in Europe. plus developing a close liaison with Special Forces. Other parts of SOE were to be absorbed into H/TD and involved the more extensive training and development of equipment that had been pioneered by SOE during the war. Indeed the SOE officer John Munn became the first H/TD and saw the creation of Fort Monckton as one of a number of new specialist training centres very much in the SOE STS mould. DWP phased out quietly in 1953 though some form of 'special operations' capability was undoubtedly retained with the creation in late 1953-early 1954 of a covert political action group known as the
Special Political Action Section (SPA)

Was to become heavily involved in deception, political influence operations and engineering changes in the leadership of foreign countries through rebellions such as the failed Indonesian Permesta rising of the late 1950's, insurgency, coups such as Iran in 1953 and the Congo in 1961 or perhaps by extreme 'executive action'. Within SIS the SPA was known as the 'jolly fun tricks department' and was directly controlled by the Head of R1. Thus the R1/SPA section was not an actual operational unit, but the originator and coordinator of operations mounted by the Directorate of production and any assets it used ranging from foreign mercenaries, 'former' Intelligence or special forces personnel, often used for 'deniable' operations, the SAS, IRD or any number of outside contracted specialists. The SPA would fall victim to the Labour Governments aversion to covert action and was quietly abolished in the mid 1970's. It was at this stage that the relationship with the SAS, seconded and retired, as well as a number of 'private' specialist companies became ever more important and by 1987 a Special Forces Directorate was formed to coordinate the activities of the SAS and SBS and ensure closer collaboration with the SIS. By 2003 such activities are the responsibility of the
General Support Branch

Handles 'dirty operation' and uses The Increment as its executive arm. The so-called SIS Charter, known as the 'order book' requires that the service maintains a 'Special Operations' capability in addition to it more expected duties. The para-military or covert action option is provided by the 22 SAS CRW - Counter-Revolutionary Wing and the M (CT) Troop of the SBS and is supported by the RAF S & D Flight. The SAS CRW Increment would normally have around 45 highly trained specialists available for SIS requirements. All have a minimum of five years service in the SAS, are the rank of sergeant or above and have been heavily vetted by SIS. They will have gone through an induction course on surveillance and intelligence as well as three weeks at Fort Monckton. The SBS which provides a further 15 or so personnel, all of whom are expert divers, combat swimmers and underwater demolition experts, often with experience gained in the Comacchio Group, Mountain Leaders and the Artic Warfare Cadre. Several have 'skippers tickets' and could command commercial vessels or fishing boats when required. The SBS Increment places tracking devices on 'suspect' vessels in ports around the world. They also control the SIS 'mini-submarine', an advanced form of chariot with two crew and upto four passengers. It is used for clandestine infiltration and exfiltration of agents. The RAF S&D has some ten or so specialist pilots allowed to fly below 50ft and can call upon a specially modified C130 Hercules for agent drops and 'quick' recovery operations and a Puma (or newer model) helicopter, equipped with additional fuel tanks, mainly used to ferry SIS staff around the UK and in particular for the shuttle between London (Battersea Heliport) and Fort Monckton. The Army's secretive FRU (agent running unit); 14th Intelligence& Security Company; Intelligence Corps and Royal Military Police all provide additional personnel for 'The Increment' including Women Officers. The 14th indeed provided surveillance for SAS 'snatch teams' in the Balkans attempting to arrest suspected War Criminals in the 1990's.Defensive driving courses have been provided by the RMP at HMS Daedalus (a naval airfield near Fort Monckton) while field training and toughening-up courses are held at the SAS Pontrilas area in Wales and jointly with the Italian SISMI Intelligence Service in Rome.
Has a Command Centre in the secure basement at Vauxhall Cross

The dissident SIS officer Richard Tomlinson has publicly accused The Increment of being involved in SIS sponsored plans to assassinate foreign leaders including Serbia's Slobodan Milosevic. In 1998 Tomlinson confirmed the existence of the unit which he described as 'a small cell of the SAS and SBS which is especially selected and trained to carry out operations exclusively for MI5/MI6' and indeed of a written assassination plan He claimed that the document proposed three methods of assassinating Milosevic. The first method was to train and equip a Serbian paramilitary opposition group to assassinate Milosevic in Serbia. An MI6 Officer, Nick Fishwick, argued that this method would have the advantage of deniability, but with the disadvantage that control of the operation would be low and the chances of success unpredictable. The second method was to use The Increment to infiltrate Serbia and attack Milosevic either with a bomb or sniper ambush. The MI6 officer argued that this plan would be the most reliable, but would be undeniable if it went wrong. Fishwick’s third proposal was to kill Milosevic in a staged car crash, possibly during one of his visits to the ICFY (International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia) in Geneva, Switzerland. Chillingly the MI6 Officer even provided a suggestion about how this could be done, namely disorientating Milosevic’s chauffeur using a blinding strobe light as the cavalcade passed through one of Geneva’s motorway tunnels. Whatever the truth of such stories The Increment has been used as the covert 'strong-arm' of the Intelligence Service since the downgrading of its own military capability in the 1970's. Operations against terrorist threats to Intelligence officers and facilities and providing protection for senior officers are certainly part of their remit.

However, the SIS also now directly employs a considerable number of former members of the SAS, SBS and 14th Intelligence Detachment of Military Intelligence and SIS has now decided, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in September 2001, to recreate some form of
Special Operations department.

By early 2003 had recruited some 200 additional recently retired special forces personnel to greatly expand its own 'Covert Action' and overseas protection capability, along with as many as 100 Analysts and Linguists, and up to 200 additional admin/support staff for general intelligence duties. SIS also has a small group of perhaps 20-30 men and women known as UKN, mostly volunteers from outside organizations including private business who provide expect surveillance and counter-surveillance skills and training, as well as specialist computer and IT knowledge. The UKN are often used alongside The Increment for covert operations.

Natural Cover Committee:
UKA(EE), UKB(WE), UKC(Africa, RSA),UKD(ME), UKJ(Japan), UKO(India & Pakistan) and UKP(Iran) 1990's

A historical review of SIS facilities include;
Hotel Metropol, Northumberland Avenue, London WC2. 1909-1913
2 Whitehall Court, London SW1. (MO/MI-IC) 1913-1923
1 Melbury Road, near Kensington High Street, London W14. (SIS) 1923-1925
Broadway Buildings, 54 The Broadway, London SW1 (SIS) 1925-1966
Century House, 100 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 (SIS) 1966-1995 (071 928 5600/CBX 3501)
Vauxhall Cross, 85 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP (SIS) 1995-

A one time or another SIS has had offices scattered all over London, 'The City' and the Home Counties, these are known to include;
Artillery Mansions, Victoria Street, London SW1. SIS Production Research Department. 1950's - 1960's. Floor One (Tech Ops -forgeries, bugging, legends etc). Floor Two (Russian interception ops. DP4).
Bush House, Aldwych, London WC2. Colonel Dansey’s Z Sections were based here 1937-1940
2 Caxton Street, London SW1. SIS Section D 1939 (next door to St Ermin's Hotel, also used by MI6)
Clarence Terrace, Regents Park, London NW1. SIS-CIA centre for Berlin Tunnel ops in mid 1950's. Transcription Unit & later MI5 A4.
Coleshill House, Highworth, near Swindon. CTS for Section D(later SOE 1940)
Glenalmond and Prae Woods, St Albans, north of London. SIS Section-V 1940-43 and Registry 1940-1945
111 Old Church Street, Chelsea, London SW3. 4 storey House. SIS Training School (Eastern European ops 1948)
Queen Anne Mews, London W1. SIS large underground car park. 1940's to early 1970's (Apcos Car Parks Ltd 1980's)
21 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1. The Official Residence of 'C' from 1923-1966. Backed on to Broadway Buildings.
Palace Street, London SW1.General Trade Craft Course - TS School 1948.
Princes House, Princes Street, London W1. SIS 'General Craft Centre' School from 1945 under the Director of Training and Development
14 Ryder Street, London SW1. SIS Section-V/R5 Counter-intelligence section 1943-45. HQ & SLC Baltic ops and agent running 1945-51. Soviet defectors centre 1948-71 and Special Liaison Centre.
Sloane Square, London, SW1. SIS Training Schools 1940-45
Southwark Bridge Road, London.SE1. SIS Garages (D of Env - facilities)
60 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 2RR. SIS London Station 1950's to around 1996 (Known in MI6 as VBR)
296-302 Borough High Street, London SE1. .SIS Training Centre until mid 1990's.
Whaddon Manor, Whaddon, E of Bletchley. First (1938) SIS clandestine transmitter station(Mark XV at nearby Windy Ridge)

Safe Houses have included:
24 Cheney Walk, Chelsea Embankment, London SW3.(Guy Liddell's home-DDGSS MI5-used by both MI5 and MI6)
Coleherne Court, London SW5. SIS 'Safe' house 1960's
Gordon Hospital, 128 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1. 1960's
Pavilion Road (a small Mews House-upstairs flat), Sloane Square, London SW1 (used by both MI5 and MI6)

Joint facilities with CIA included;
RAF Cheddington, near Aylesbury. Largest clandestine arms dump for use in Europe. OPC/CIA 1956-1964 (GLADIO Stay behind network-may still have been in use 1975 or later)

Overseas Stations in the Post War period included
Bad Salzuflen, near Bielefeld, West Germany, Main SIS Station, 1948 (cover as Political Office of BCCG, staff often posted as members of the Intelligence Division of the BCCG)
(BCCG -British Control Commission for Germany, Norfolk House, St James's Square, London SW1)
British Consulate, Dusseldorf SIS outstation, 1948
Bonn Embassy, 1955
Lancaster House, Fehrbelliner-Platz, Berlin SIS HQ 1946
Olympic Stadium Buildings, 1946. later HQ SIS Station Berlin.
BMEO(British Middle East Office) Co-Ordination Division(SIS cover name) moved from Egypt 1954.
Athalassa, SIS Covert Propaganda Radio Station with underground CC(BMEO)
POMEF(Political Office of Middle East Forces) replaced BMEO as SIS cover in mid 1950's.
Fort Bin Jema

FAR EAST. Singapore Phoenix Park HQ in 1946 under Controller Far East with outstations in Canberra; Rangoon; Kuala Lumpur; Hong Kong; Tokyo; Bangkok and later Vientiane and Hanoi. Personnel regularly posted to diplomatic missions elsewhere, and Stations later added in Beijing; Manila and Seoul among others. Pre War there had only been important Stations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

MIDDLE EAST. Cairo HQ (Combined Research & Planning Office or CRPO, replaced wartime ISLD (Cairo) in 1946) used BMEO as cover and under Controller ME & A. Had outstations in Beirut (later Main Station after political changes in Egyptian in 1954-55); Baghdad; Basra; Tehran; Amman; Port Said; Damascus and later Tripoli; Jeddah and Muscat. Liaison with MI5 & IC in Aden and personnel regularly posted to diplomatic missions elsewhere. Tel Aviv Station run by CWH or direct from London. Pre War Stations were limited to Athens, Jerusalem, Istanbul and Cairo.

The major SIS Stations were in Washington DC; Paris; Bonn and Rome. While SIS Stations were also operational in Embassies and Missions in most of the Capitals and many of the major cities throughout Europe and in selected Embassies in Latin America and Africa. In Colonial and later Commonwealth nations SIS either operated jointly with MI5 DSLO's or directly liaised with the National Intelligence Service. Before 1939 SIS had a large New York Station in the Cunard Building on Wall Street, this became the British Security Coordination (BSC) in May 1940 under Sir William Stevenson and effectively the main liaison between the entire British and American Intelligence and Security communities in World War Two. Later moving to much more substantial Headquarters in the Rockefeller Centre

IRD Information Research Department – closely linked to SIS
FO/SIS propaganda and disinformation organization, and often used as a cover for SIS 'Black operations'. Represented at SIS-CIA liaison meetings. Established in 1947 to carry on the work of the wartime PWE (Political Warfare Executive) from offices in Carlton House Terrace, it was to be based at Riverwalk House, 157-166 Millbank, London SW1P 4RR from the mid 1950's. Abolished in 1977 and replaced by the OID (Overseas Information Department), under J. N. Allan, little changed however as the first Director of OID was the SIS Officer James Allen. OID was to be finally absorbed into FCO's Information Department in 1981.
The IRD used Media and 'Academic' fronts, often with the CIA, such as Encounter Magazine(1953, exposed as CIA front 1967), Forum World Features(1965), ISC (Institute for the Study of Conflict 1970, formed to run some operations that IRD was was now not allowed to), Ampersand Ltd (IRD Publishing), ANA , China News Summary (CNS), Background Books series(Phoenix House, after 1960 Bodley Head), NAFEN Ltd, Africa Features Services (AFS 1971), INRAR(International News Rights and Royalties, set up in 1963 to take over Britanova assets) among many others.
Many well known Authors and Writers were involved with IRD including Brian Crozier (SIS, Forum, ISC), Robert Moss (ISC), David Floyd (DT),Tom Little (ANA), Charles Douglas Home (Times Editor), Paul Wilkinson (ISC), Nigel Clive (ISC,IRD,SIS), Robert Conquest, Alan Hare (INRAR), Michael Goodwin (Ampersand, then ISC), Kenneth Benton (IRD, ISC)

Directors of IRD included
Christopher Mayhew 1947-49
Sir Ralph Murray 1949-51
Sir John Peck 1951-53
John Rennie 1953-58
Christopher Barclay 1962-67
Nigel Clive 1967-70
Kenneth Crook 1970-72
Thomas Barker 1972-76
Ray Whitney 1976-77

MI6 (SIS) 'front' companies have included
London Films (Alexander Korda -1930's).
Marshall's Travel purchased in 1947.
CASURO Travel Company front (anti-IRA scam 1960's).
Butterworths & Co/Butterworth-Springer Ltd (set up by SIS, Hugh Quennell a Director).
Rally Films(set up as cover for SIS Yemen Operations, part of David Stirlings TIE-Television International Enterprises,
HQ 21 Sloane Street(next door to SIS 'Safe House' operated by ex SIS Denis Rowley).
Britanova News Agency(WW2)
ANA Arab News Agency(Cairo 1950's)
DCS(Diversified Corporate Services) - (Set up 1969-70 by SIS Officers John Farmer & John Pilkington. MD was Templers adc Col Alan Pemberton, directors included Maj Freddy Mace (Intell Corps covert entry specialist), Col Peter Goss(Head NI Army Intell/CLOCKWORK ORANGE ops and JIC member) and Ferguson Dempster (Mexico -DCS 1969). Covert ops for City Institutions and SIS. Offices in Rome and probably the USA. May have been a front for CIA as well as MI6.)
Strategic Profile International-SPI. Carlton Terrace Gardens (1990's - believed to be an SIS front)
Hakluyt & Company/Hakluyt Foundation. Established 1995 by Sir Fitzroy Maclean to channel MI6 commercial intelligence to major companies and to receive information from corporate sources. Set up by Christopher James(ex SIS) and Mike Reynolds(ex SIS), directors included Sir Brian Cubbon(ex Home Office); Lord Laing(Conservative Party Treasurer); Earl Jellicoe; Sir Peter Cazalet(P & O and BP) and Sir Peter Holmes(Shell Oil)

Facilities regularly used by SIS include;
Special Forces Club. 8 Herbert Street, Knightsbridge.

SIS Current facilities include;
3 Carlton Gardens, London SW1Y 5AA.Front office since 1950's and Top Secret Y Section after 1945 for some years.
Fort Monkton near Gosport. Specialist Training Centre for Covert Operations at an old Napoleonic fort on the south coast in Hampshire. 1946 under D of T & D and from 1956 when it passed to FCO control as 'No-1 Military Training Establishment', off Gosport-Stokes Bay. (Peter Follis of SOE was selected to provide SIS with a Special Training School in 1946 at Fort Monkton, following the disbanding of SOE itself. Army Intelligence Corps base at Ashford in Kent also used for SIS training , now moved to Chicksands)

SIS Communications facilities include;
Hanslope Park, Buckinghamshire MK19 7BH. 01908 510444. SIS 1938. Technical Security Department(TSD). SIS Communications centre at FCO HMGCC.
Peel Circus, Hudswell, Wiltshire, near the former RAF Rudloe Manor at Corsham - underground facilities available in the Hudswell Quarry complex linked to the NSG-Nuclear Emergency Bunker).The joint FCO-SIS Complex moved from Poundon-Buckinghamshire (DWS & SIS, high-security site, but environmental changes made future operations difficult!)
Montreathmont Moor – just South of Brechin. SIS/GCHQ Clandestine communications (and a similar site at Laurencekirk, 5mile NE of Brechin - stay behind networks). (BT MW Link from EAST LOMAND to CRAIGOWL, part of same chain to MORMOND HILL)
Other covert Communications sites include Barford St Johns (Oxfordshire-Numbers Station -joint CIA) and very probably privately owned sites such as the SERCO-run RN Inskip facility (near Preston) and of course the BNFL site at Capenhurst (Cheshire).
Ayios Nikalaos - Cyprus. CSO/9th RSR Monitoring and Intelligence Communications Base Site of 'E3 Lincolnshire Poacher' Transmissions to covert SIS and SAS operations and agents in the Middle East, particularly pre 2003 Iraq and increasingly over the last 25 years, Iran.
Guam. Joint CIA/SIS Communications facility, Site for 'E3A Cherry Ripe' Agent Transmissions to Communist China and North Korea in particular.
Kowandi, near Darwin had been an important SIS-ASIS Communications link since 1973. A DFA Radio Station as well by 1997

Directors or Chiefs of the Secret Intelligence Service
Captain Sir Mansfield Smith Cumming 1909-1923
Admiral Sir Hugh 'Quex' Sinclair 1923-1939
Maj General Sir Stewart Menzies 1939-1952
Maj General Sir John Sinclair 1952-1956
Sir Dick White 1956-1968
Sir John Rennie 1968-1973
Sir Maurice Oldfield 1973-1978
Sir Arthur 'Dickie' Franks 1978-1981
Sir Colin Figures 1981-1985
Sir Christopher Curwen 1985-1989
Sir Colin McColl 1989-1994
Sir David Spedding 1994-1999
Richard Dearlove 1999-

The Director of Operations (The Director of Requirements & Production-DRP) is known as The Director and is effectively the DCSS. An ‘official’ deputy is usually only appointed in the year before the current CSS retires and is considered to be the ‘heir apparent’ (the CSS own choice in fact)..
The Director of Counter-Intelligence & Security-DCIS is effectively third in the chain of command.

CIA Liaison with SIS
A large Staff of over 70 with a Head of Station operates out of a wing of the third Floor of the US Embassy at 24-31 Grosvenor Square in Mayfair. It is organized into at least six sections;
A) Political Liaison Section (c/n for SIS Liaison, established 1947)
B) Area Telecommunications Office (around 12 Staff)
C) JRRU Joint Research & Reports Unit (up to 30 Staff based in Room-388, works closely with the JIC in the Cabinet Office).
D) FBIS (which works closely with the BBC Monitoring Service at Caversham Park)
E) Counter-Terrorism (Liaison section from the CTC at Langley)
F) SUSLO - Office of the Senior US Liaison Officer (Room-452, on fourth floor above main CIA Offices, NSA Liaison with GCHQ, includes some CIA Staff)

The Station provides Representatives to numerous British Intelligence, Security and Defence Committees, including the Cabinet Office JIC (there are strong links between the SIS-NSC in Washington, as well as the CIA-JIC in London) . This is part of a very close ‘Special relationship’ which sees various US organizations including the FBI (Legal attaches –Liaison to MI5, MP-CT/SB and NCIS) and the DIA (DIALL, Defence Intelligence Agency Liaison London – to the DSI at the MOD) greatly influencing their British counterparts most sensitive activities.

The CIA’s Covert Operations Office (codenamed LCPIPPIT) was originally based at 71 Grosvenor Street in 1947, rented from MI5 and situated above a furniture shop. Later it was in Upper Brook Street, Mayfair just round the corner from the Embassy during at least the 1970’s & 1980’s.
The US Visa Branch was used as cover for operating from 55/56 Upper Brook Street, W1A 2JB."


Mad_Moriarty said:
All of this is in the public domain. Nothing secret about this...

Apparently so. Still pretty interesting stuff. :roll:
Trip_Wire said:
Mad_Moriarty said:
All of this is in the public domain. Nothing secret about this...

Apparently so. Still pretty interesting stuff. :roll:

For example, FBIS (which works closely with the BBC Monitoring Service at Caversham Park)

The FBIS aka the Foregin Broadcast Information Service. A bunch of geeks based in most US Embassies worldwide. All they do is pick interesting snipits out of newspapers and see whats going on in that particular country.

Most of the buildings or offices in London have now been moved or demolished.
Most of the peeps in that report are long deceased.

And some of the info is out of date.

Wasnt FRU renamed?

As for the Increment, thats all hush-hush I would assume.

Whats the link please?
I know all about Fort Monckton. They keep the wreckage of a crashed UFO there, and it has a tunnel that joins it to the Vatican.
No, it is near the southernmost tip of the Gosport peninnsular.



bernoulli said:
No, it is near the southernmost tip of the Gosport peninnsular.


If I am correct, this is the place I used to go rock climbing. It overlooks Pompey, just up the road from the hospital. You have to go down all these tunnels to get to a huge room that has climbing walls. Weird place, but no UFOs. Sh1ts you up though, if you are in there after dark as they switch off all the lights in the tunnels.
No, the place you used to go climbing is Fort Purbrook, and the climbing wall is built in the old magazines. Fort Purbrook is on Portdown, which overlooks Portsmouth. The above fort faces onto the sea..
...'third proposal was to kill Milosevic in a staged car crash, possibly during one of his visits to the ICFY (International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia) in Geneva, Switzerland. Chillingly the MI6 Officer even provided a suggestion about how this could be done, namely disorientating Milosevic’s chauffeur using a blinding strobe light as the cavalcade passed through one of Geneva’s motorway tunnels. '

This'll set the 'Lady Diana was murdered' mob off again......


Interesting enough, even if the information is not really new. I always thought that Section D had been disbanded completely after WWII.

My understanding is that M16 took the view that one does not by a dog and bark oneself. Why use spooks for paramilitary operations when you can pick up the phone and get the worlds best Special Forces to do the job?
If Section D has been reformed/expanded, fair play to them.

While we're on the subject, does MI5 have it's own "heavy mob", or do they rely on Police and Military units?
Mostly LOB. BTW 'bernoulli' many of us could have published the Google Earth image but we had more sense and had no need to show off.


Most of us wouldn't have ressurected a thread that's 7 years old either.
Mostly LOB. BTW 'bernoulli' many of us could have published the Google Earth image but we had more sense and had no need to show off.

**** off you ******* ****.
At least 49 Para and the Special Medical Intelligence Unit managed to preserve their!7

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