UK India Mutiny ceremony blocked

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flamingo, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Any thoughts...
  2. Got to say I can see where the opposition to this is coming from.

    We mostly have the sanitized victors version of events and I would be very surprised if it was even close to the verison the opposition take as gospel truth.

    Now I know that we let Germans wander around London looking for where their Granddad bombed the chippy but that is because we won in the end.

    Different mind set you see.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It sounds like polititians trying to score points. And while I can understand local sensitivities lets not forget this was 150 years ago and anyway didn't the Indians do a bit of their own slaughtering of men women and children?

    Non story if you ask me.
  4. India/Pakistan had a good old gloat a couple of months ago at the 60th anniversary of the slaughter that followed their independance.

    (Repeat after me) 'But thats different' :(
  5. Their country they can do what they like....
  6. Exactly. I can undersatnd the Indians' attitude and the fact that it's 150 years ago doesn't make a bit of difference. I'm well aware that there were atrocities commited by both sides but we tend to remember their atrocities and no doubt tyey remember ours.
  7. ..and they refer to mutineers (only a very small part of the population and Bengal Army revolted) as freedom fighters, neglecting the fact that a great many Indians helped put the mutiny down.
  8. Agreed that it's their country and they can do what they like. Still, it does seem a missed opportunity for a bit of reconciliation. As I understand it, a British military contingent is likely to be invited to the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Dublin and maybe something similar could have been organised in India? Then again, maybe there are official bi-national events going on?

    Would be interesting to hear what rayc has got to say on this...
  9. They should lay siege to the place
  10. I'm sure I read that just prior to Gulf War 2,the local Muslim cleric at Lucknow had warned against British/American tourists visiting the site? (a protest at impending military action)

    Happy to be corrected though!

    Where's RayC when you need him!
  11. The 'Mutiny' is known by Indians as the First War of Independence.
  12. Ungrateful Barstewards..................
  13. Bet if the descendants of the natives who died who live in our fair land would be allowed to hold some kind celebration. Irony of sorts.
  14. What a brilliant way to put it.
  15. Well I think its a good idea.