UK in the top 15 countries for terrorist incidents

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jailorinummqasr, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. The Islamic terrorists appear to have spread themselves over many many countries according to the map.
  2. err, Saudi has a "Severe" risk, Kuwait "high", and UK "elevated"... I dunno why you think that "elevated" is worse than "high" and "severe"...
  3. Stoatman look at the Feb04 - Feb 05 Stats.

    UK are in 14th place!
  4. New Zealand's looking nicer by the day.
  5. Were there really 37 bombings & terrorist-related shootings (but almost all bombings) in the UK last year? That's almost one every 10 days - how come I didn't hear of them, and I read the paper almost every day???
  6. Because they're mostly small incidents with no casualties I guess :? - I know there were a couple of bombs in Liverpool recently because there was/is a feud on between the gangsters who want to run the doormen for the clubs - there was also a Liverpool reserve team player shot in the arse in a "drive by" of a club during the same feud.
  7. Wonder how many incidents are left if you subtract Ulster? :roll:
  8. Becuase Mein Fuhrer and Mr Goebbels II have kept it from the ears of the people in order to keep us believing that we are winning the war on terror. :D
  9. But watch out for the publicity campaign when they want to scare us into handing over more power to them ...