UK in Afghanistan for decades

From this thread:

In their 0900 news bulletin, the BBC reported that Sir Gerard doubted the commitment of the US to the 'long haul' in Afghanistan.

Which makes this (available online - see below) all the more compulsory listening:

The 'problems' of Afghanistan aid
File On 4
Tuesday 19 June 2007 at 2000 BST,
repeated Sunday 24 June at 1700 BST.

President Hamid Karzai's government could be undermined
As the death toll continues to grow in Afganistan the mismanagement of donor aid is threatening the stability of the country.

The issue threatens to destabilise the government of President Hamid Karzai, three years into his five year term.
The main beneficiaries could be members of the former Taliban regime.
Kate Clark investigates the growing crisis.

Hear the full story on Radio 4:
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If there is demand (1 or 2 PMs is all it needs) I will upload the entire prog to a fileshare site for retrieval through this thread.
ABrighter2006 said:
Stonks - if you could make it available - I'd be interested to hear it.

On one hand it looks like stating the obvious - but intested in hearing the context.

Keep watching "Afghan fighting" thread - on t'other hand - just click the "download" link in my first post here, today - that will get you the recording direct fm BBC, right now, in one big lump ( I will have to chunk it up into smaller pieces)
The UK in Afghanistan for decades?

Good joke. Maybe forever?

When likely US/UK would remove their troops from Iraq? Likely in 2010. The Islamists would focus their efforts on Afghanistan. So the war would be more and more intensive. Hundreds and even thousands of killed would be unacceptable payment for 'democratic Afghanistan'. Likely British troops would quit Afghanistan in 2012 (before London Olympic games). Afghan war would be an issue number 1 during future American presidential election in 2012. As a result USA would abandon Afghanistan likely in 2014.

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