Having worked in some of the worlds biggest sh!tholes since leaving the army, I have come across quite a few thousand of these chaps:

Wiki says:

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) are people forced to flee their homes but who, unlike refugees, remain within their country's borders.
Unlike us these groups of people get loads of help from various humanitarians including the Worlds Fattest People (World Food Program) MSF and all other manner of sandal wearing organisations offering freebies.

Now, this weekend I went to the RE Veterans weekend at Chatham and just about everyone that I met who lived in Meadway was originally from another part of the UK. They had ended up living there because that's where the army decided they'd had enough of them. And it's the same in every other garrison town; ex squaddies abandoned far from home.

Whilst these individuals [mostly] didn't flee their place of origin, surely they must now be classed as IDP's ... and given free tents, food, medicine and other goodies?
How did they get to the reunion if they couldn't afford the fare to take them home? :wink:

Besides, you're dangerously close to saying these blokes only joined the army because they were 'forced to flee' their homes. I'll wager most didn't and only stayed where they were lbecause of the familiarity found in garrison towns. They might not have much waiting for them where they came from, but there's also nothing to stop them going back.

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