UK hosted controversial cleric (funded by the FCO!!!)

"A prominent Muslim leader who has expressed support for suicide bombings in Israel attended a conference funded by the Foreign Office, it has emerged."

Please see today's full BBC article at:

Why is it, that whilst the Armed Forces admirably carry out difficult and dangerous jobs around the world, various British Government departments continually seem to come up with half-baked ideas and policies? Is there no accountability? It's excruciating to observe.

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Juvenal said:
I wouldn't be so quick to condemn. The conference was in Istanbul and provided he 'missed' the return flight....

From the article: "Sheikh Qaradawi has condemned suicide attacks in the West but he has promoted the idea of Palestinian suicide attacks against Israelis, describing the bombers as "martyrs".

He has also told Muslims they have a duty to confront and resist foreign troops in Iraq. He is banned from entering the United States."

...and they even paid for his wife to attend!
Ah prehaps this is part of the Londinistan policy carried on by the types at the FCO, who spend each and every night dreaming wistfully of abdulahs c**k.

Or is it part of New Labours ongoing scheme to pack marginal constituencies with third world tribalist immigrants, of whom the self styled 'Sheikh Qaradawi' is undoubtedly a cheer leader, ready to deliver ten thousand postal votes to the highest bidder?

anyone know?
O God, make Islam's word the highest, and the word of the enemies of Islam the lowest. O God, support us against your enemies, the enemies of Islam wherever they may be. O God support us against the treacherous, usurper, oppressive, and arrogant Jews and against their allies, the plotting rancorous Crusaders… O God, make fate turn against them and send affliction in their way and stop their domination of your land. Don't let them dominate any of your faithful subjects. O God, unleash your might on them; the might that cannot be faced by criminal people. O God… defeat them and give us victory over them. O God, support our brother mujahidin for your sake in the land of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir, the Philippines, and all Muslim lands…."

June 10, 2005, sermon on Qatar television
(BBC Monitoring, June 13, 2005)

"Oh My nation, the struggle has become obligatory, so put aside chattering and screaming…for there is neither peace nor pardon….We should no longer speak with words; rather let the spears have their say…

"Fighting American civilians in Iraq is a duty for all Muslims… Americans in Iraq are all fighters and invaders. There is no difference between a civilian and a military American in Iraq."

August 31, 2004, address to the Journalists Syndicate in Cairo (Associated Press, September 2, 2004)

"O God, deal with your enemies, the enemies of Islam. O God, spare us their plots, blunt their weapons, and remove their empire and power from your earth…O God, make the word of Islam superior and the word of the enemies of Islam inferior. O God, we turn to You against them. Spare us their evil. O God, O revealer of the book, mover of the clouds, and vanquisher of infidels, defeat them and give us victory over them."

April 30, 2004, sermon on Qatar television (BBC Monitoring, May 2, 2004)

"When Jihad becomes an Individual Duty, as when the enemy seizes the Muslim territory, a woman becomes entitled to take part in it alongside men….[W]hen necessary, she may take off her Hijab in order to carry out the operation, for she is going to die in the Cause of Allah and not to show off her beauty or uncover her hair.

March 22, 2004, response to question about use of women as suicide bombers (IslamOnline)

"They are not suicide operations. These are heroic martyrdom operations, and the heroes who carry them out don't embark on this action out of hopelessness and despair but are driven by an overwhelming desire to cast terror and fear into the hearts of the oppressors."

April 2001 interview with Al Raya, a Qatari newspaper (Los Angeles Times, May 27, 2001)

If we can't carry out acts of Jihad ourselves, we at least should support and prop up the mujahideen financially and morally so that they will be steadfast until God's victory….

"I see that the future belongs to this 'wasati' [moderate] Islamic movement, because the Islamic umma is inherently a moderate umma as indicated by the Qur'an."

August 1999 interview with Gaza-based Islamist weekly Al Istiklal (published by Palestine Times, a pro-Hamas Web publication)

Nice to the the Foreign Office supporting the moderate voices isn't it?
Well gleaned Warrior Poet, why can the FCo give him a trip to the US maybe to Texas like the Natwest lot - oh of course they are white, Christian and English.

silly me.

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