UK homes to get super-fast fibre


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jaybee2786 said:
The UK's first "fibre town" could go online in the autumn, delivering speeds of about 100Mbps (megabits per second) to consumers' homes.

so now when some one says i have shoite broadband they really do
Not to be pedantic or anything, it would be shit fibre actually, or perhaps fibrous sh1t, or my fibre is covered in sh!t.

Someone, grab that cab and hold it, I'm just getting my fleece.
Superfast 100Mbps Broadband, sounds good until they start to mention the so called fair usage policy.
The way broadband networks are setup, it doesn’t matter what they tell you they are flawed with incredible weakness.
1. it doesn’t matter what you receive it will be only as fast as the other end transmitting to you (eg if you get theoretic 2mb down and 256kb up the fastest you well ever received theoretically is 256kb) depending on the ISP they will limit you regardless of the icon in the bottom of your screen telling you your connected to 1GB+ etc

2 on top of this all routers are limited depending on there loading, eg 1 router could have up to 5000 Mac address (or pc's registered to it) and if the down stream is only 50MB Max at anyone time you do math’s on that one

3. Fiber to each home and the cost of lasers will bankrupt some one, go bust or offer sh1tty service as the quality will be pants

4. The assumption that because its fiber will have less interference is a good theory but it’s the access that will be the issue from the HUB main dist place where interference may originate to your router set top box (these are cheap units and just magnets for rf interference (baby monitors, mobile phones TV boaster boxes and wireless transmitters for TV etc.

5. Fiber networks have limitations and looking at the current supplier available they have many an issues to overcome before they start offering the sky’s the limit packages (virgin and BT are the only two main players) with the odd franchise in between

6. The core network is flimsy to say the least and cannot cope with all the access packages (end user data rates offered)

7. wireless is cheaper and a little more reliable, this is because the problems are already known and not ignored.

8. to put fiber in the ground is expensive but putting it in new develops will mask the true cost, yes its cheaper but when you pay for cheap products the word quality is left in the van on the street in the purple box, that is the closest you will get to quality?

at the end oft he day its great to get some broadband services at home, which ever way its done, just to expect everything they say "it does not do everything it says on the tin" the get of jail clauses for these folk is "fair useage" and "best effort"

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