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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Highlife, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know anything about this charity?

    Seems that donated money goes on MG sports cars with private number plates.

    I'm sick of all these charities starting up to get their own Jollies, how can a sports car help the homeless. Makes me sick not going to support any charity anymore.

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  2. I'm pretty sure there are numerous threads about this outfit already in existence, but yeah, it does stink, doesn't it?
  3. I share your pain - However there is one charity that is bone fide and run by a bunch of good people - so if you have a few sovs then send it here Holidays4Heroes
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  4. Thanks Joey this really pi##es me of people give money to help not for sports cars wtf is going on, looking in their photos looks like they use the homeless to rake in money and thats what they spend it on.
  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Here's the latest accounts.


    The charity was sitting on 11,186 of cash and had paid out £5,000 for something with payment due after at least 12 months.

    The company director is a James Jukes.

  6. Sir Sir Sir, I know Sir! Is it a sports car sir?
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  7. I do believe that this thread was started by members (or supporters) of SOTS and if you are to believe their allegations then shame on you lot. I know that this vehicle was given by Freinds around London as a donation and at no time was any charity money used. It shames me to read that the supporters of SOTs should personally attack another charity doing the same for our homeless heroes. You want to hang your heads in shame.

    If you are unaware of who SOTs are, then please look at the picture below, this is the person that runs this outfit and makes up figures on what he does for our homeless, uses Walts as patrons for his charity, uses 'Skinheads' and EDF/BNP supporters to work for the charity.... I could go on and ask the Administrators of this site to remove this scum of their site...

    Bill Murray.jpg

    Rant over and please remember we all work for the same cause, why you choose to blacken and discredit someone else's hard work is beyhond me. Geta life and look after the guy's that need us (with your new response vehicles)
  8. Statement on behalf of the donate of the vehicle...

    It appears that a few people are causing major issues for the charity because of a misunderstanding that I hope I can put right now...
    Basically the charity and individuals within it have been accused of using it's funds to buy a sports car and spend money on things like fancy number plates, etc.
    I would like to make it clear that the car, known as Angel, was purchased by Southmids Sportsters, as a project and to be used to actively promote the charity. NOT A PENNY of the money raised for the charity is being spent in any way on the car. It has been entirely funded by the club and it's sponsors and is actually generating funds for the charity as planned.
    This weekend's major event, Friends Round London, is hoped to raise a sufficient amount to enable the charity to open a new temporary accommodation unit that will offer immediate help to many of our ex-servicemen who are currently on the streets and help them to establish a more secure and safe future. It is through the generosity of the Southmids Sportsters members, friends on the forums and their sponsors that this is possible and Angel is at the forefront of this amazing event, providing much needed awareness of such a worthwhile cause and a charity that is truly making a difference...
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  9. We should all ,be carefull who we give to and I always try to give to charities who have taken the time to register with the charities commission and who do produce formal account (obviously I make an exception for Hols4heroes because of its connections to ARRSE). Is it fair to publicly express doubts without talking to either the members or the Charities Commission or the administrators of the charity? You could be dissuading people from giving to a properly set up and run charity.

    On my company vehicles I have Help 4 Heroes branding, the charity did not pay for my company's vehicles and we paid the charity for the branding. I agree that vigilance is always wise but it would be a great shame if a few hasty words deprived the intended benefactors of their help.
  10. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    OK - I'll play devil's advocate based on your last published accounts - see above. As a legitimate charity, you should have no problems in answering these questions:

    Cash Reserves

    The charity was sitting on about £11K of cash reserves.

    Holiday's for Heroes on this site often has a whip round to help homeless soldiers. It often takes just a few hundred pounds to get the soldier being helped off the streets and into accommodation for long enough for other service charities to rally around and help with the longer term solution.

    As it only takes a few hundred pounds to start the ball rolling - and with charities like the RBL willing to help - why are you sitting on the cash reserves?

    £5,000 Long Term Expenditure

    This follows on from the first question - what was the expenditure that only falls due after 12 months and why was it important?


    Most local charities often feature in newspapers which have stories about what they have achieved - can you put up some links?

    Registering as a Charity

    Have you registered as a charity set - if so put up the number.


    As a legitimate charity, you should have no problem answering these questions and showing you've made a contribution to helping homeless soldiers.

  11. Sadly being registered as a Charity is not in itself any guarentee that the money raised will be used well or efficiently. Provided the aims of the organisation meet the requirements then thats enough to get a registation. What the organisers then do in terms of expenses, remuneration, buildings etc is up to them. If you are at all uncertain or have never heard of the operation shaking the can in your face my personal advice would be to steer clear. Likewise if you feel tempted to start your own organisation maybe have a long hard look to see if you might not be able to do more good by working for an established charity so reducing the admin overhead ? In my part of the world there are already over 400 Service related charities, I cannot but help think that most will overlap a job already being done by some-one else.
  12. They may not be registered, I mistook the Company Registered Number for the Charities Registration Number. Sorry if I have mislead. I have, however, approached the spokesman for the group and asked him what the £5k represents, I haven't heard back but give him time.
  13. Thank you Wordsmith...

    I am only posting my comments and concerns as a supporter of the charity and I know the work they do is second to none. Not one of the volunteers that do outreach in Brighton, London, Northampton or any other area of the country get a salary and everything that is given out to the homeless comes from direct donations (Food, clothes etc) When the charity re-houses a soul then they supply furniture and general household goods. I believe all the information about the charity can be found on their website, their Facebook page and the Charity Commissions page (where I see you have already visited). Their support for our homeless far surpasses what anyone would expect...
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  14. I don't think there's any danger of that.
  15. Thank you, that's comforting to know.