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Has anyone had any dealings with the outfit? Does it actually provide homes for ex service people? Is it allowed to claim it does if it doesn't. Its latest marketing picture is claiming it can give permanent homes?? So does that mean it has land an property it is going to just give away? There are rumours that they have managed to get a spiritualist church to give them the land and building to knock down and develop, but no one is telling the truth because its dodgy. Anyone know anything/
All credit to them, its respite and emergency.
We have purchased a beautiful caravan on a holiday park. In Kent (‘Heroes Retreat’) where we can accommodate homeless ex-service personnel in an emergency situation to provide them with a secure unit until we can place them in more permanent accommodation. We can also offer veterans a much-needed break away with their families.
We will be working alongside various military charities to find out who fits the criteria to receive a free break. Our main objectives are to help those who have served our country and may now be in need of break, including sufferers of PTSD, the elderly veterans who are lonely, isolated and vulnerable, and their families who are always the ones left to pick up the pieces.


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I'm a Hero, can I have a home?
A permanent home


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