UK Govt Protests Israeli Arms Shipments

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. From Bloomberg:

    The British government will make a ``formal protest'' to the U.S. if it used a Scottish airport to transfer bombs to Israel, Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said today.

    Beckett has already told U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice she is ``not happy'' about reports that Prestwick airport, near Glasgow, was used as part of the transportation of `bunker busting' bombs. Her comments mark the first public split between Britain and the U.S. over the fighting in the Middle East.

    "Beckett Attacks U.S. Use of U.K. Airport to Move Arms (Update2)" 26 July 2006
  2. Wow, the UK and the US disagreeing on something! Shock horror!!
  3. Funny how Bloomberg ignored Howell's comments then.
  4. I was completely stunned by this story. I just cannot begin to fathom how divorced from reality Blair and his fcukwitted chums are and how contemptuous they are of the opinions of the people they purport to represent.

    How fcuking stupid must they think we are if we are expected to believe that THIS is supposed to represent a stand against the US endorsement of Israel's actions? We all know that the acquiescent position HMG is taking is in contradiction to the beliefs of both the Labour Party membership and a large majority of its leadership- yet the need for Blair to toady up to the US Administration and their fcukwitted vision for the Middle East and their continuing quest for global supremacy overrides all else.

    Everyone knows I've been p1ssed off with both governments over their misguided foreign policy for years. Well, now I'm just despondent.
  5. Sad to say we are back to the good old cold war days when world powers fought wars by proxy.Iran fighting the Jews thru Hezbollah and the US going against Arabs using Israel as a forward operating base.By the way whatever happened to that other war the US was fighting in that place called...wait a minute while I try to remember...oh yes Iraq.The one thats costing upwards of a billion bucks a week.That place whose prime minister refused to poodle up to Bush and condemn Israel.
  6. Surely this isn't anything to do with us? Even if they do moan the Septics could just fly them into one of their other bases in the UK and some RAF officer will have to ring up and ask them ''old chap, why those awfully big planes are on the ground with lots of troops guarding them?''
  7. Hopefully somebody would phone the Independent (or similarly-inclined paper) with the story "Bombs to Israel courtesy of RAF" or similar such story! :twisted:

    That would serve them right for having such salubrious lodgings at "RAF" Lakenheath compared to your average RAF station :twisted:
  8. ? What has the Mayor of New York got to do with this story?
  9. Well Steven before he became Mayor of New York he started something called.........
  10. Bloomberg L.P.?

    Sorry but my knowledge in this area is obviously lacking somewhat, as I have no idea what you are talking about.
  11. Sorry old love, Bloomberg is a spam news service mainly dealing with finance, it carried the story that Not_Whistlin_Dixie launched this thread with The founder of Bloomberg, also called Bloomberg, went on to become the mayor of New York.

    I hope all is clear.
  12. DOH :oops: Would help if I looked at the links provided with the OP.
  13. Think Beckett is more pissed at not being told than the actual movement of the bombs!! Plus how dare the septics sell bombs though out airports and not pay tax!!!! lol
  14. FFS!!!

    Talk about bloody petulant socialist coming crawling out of the woodwork!

    This story was 'uncovered' by memebers of the stridently anti-war SNP and was jumped upon by the Lib-Dem shadow foreign sect Micheal Moore. (nee shadow defence sect.)

    They only jump on the band wagon because;

    A) It involves bashing the spams.
    B) It involves bashing the Isrealis (and the jewish lobby by proxy)
    C) It's a chance to bash Blair and his governments involvement in the 'Illegal war in Iraq'

    Surely this trade has been going on for years and yet they never bitched about it before. Why now? Is it to stand in solidarity with their 'arab brothers' :roll:

    As for Micheal Moore's comments on the radio last night, i'm sure glad the spams are supplying the IAF with guided bombs rather than dumb bombs. Can you imagine the level of collateral damage if they had to use them? 8O
  15. This is the biggest load of hot air....

    It's just this Government's way of appeasing the backbenchers and the country at large without doing a bl00dy thing. Frankly they're only embarrassed because the story came out.