UK Government to pay Basra damages...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hellfyyr, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. BBC News - Basra Compensation...

    It beggars belief, we have to eat humble pie and pay out cash in order to work with the Basra (crooked) authorities again!

    Discuss (or should that be disgust)!
  2. 8O only to believable unfortunately
  3. But why not pay compensation?? This isn't about rubbing the Iraqi noses in it - the key thing is the British got their blokes back. If buying off the Iraqis means we can move on then so be it...

  4. WTF? You're already loaning the U.S. the quids for the row...what's
    a few pence for defence gonna hurt?
  5. Wonder how many benefit cheats there will be.

    "Ooh, you tripped over and hurt your leg throwing a petrol bomb at us and now you can't work? Here have three hundred quid."
  6. this just sounds like oiling the machine to get a satisfactory agreement for both sides. It's this or have all the iraqis we have trained fighting against us.
  7. Alternatively if the Iraqi Prime Minister/government is so keen on us supporting them (vis a vis the little meeting this week) perhaps they could remove the Basra governor and any other rotten apples rather than us appease a corrupt and unfriendly administration...

    It will only be thrown back at us later anyway!
  8. They've only said that they will pay compensation in principle - not willy nilly. There's also no apology for what happened. This is not as big a deal as it first looks.
  9. Hellfyrr - what makes you think Basra governor is corrupt? Certainly there are a good few bent coppers in Basra but why the governor? (plus he is voted in anyway - not appointed from Baghdad)


  10. No he is not corrupt or anti-British at all is he...
  11. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Having been there I wonder how quick the veterans agency will be in compensating our lads and lasses who were hurt
  12. At least Menzies Campbell has got his head screwed on properly, and is able to recognise that an offer of compensation is a necessary means to enable the two sides to move forward. This is clearly a fellow who is well up to speed. Well done, Sir.

    As for Michael Ancram - what a mong. He is obviously not going to get a nice statement from the Foreign Office like what he is after, so asking such stupid questions only serves to highlight to the rest of us that he clearly doesn't have a clue as to what is involved. He should have kept his mouth shut.
  13. Slightly OT - nice to see the BBC spot on again - Ancram has been Shadow Sec of State for Defence for five months, and they appear not to have noticed...

    Then again, based on the appalling guff he delivered to the party conference, it's no surprise they assumed someone else must be the Tory spokesman for defence. Sad to say, he pulled off the incredible feat of making TCH look vaguely competent - tried to make political capital out of the VC and one of the MC winners (the Gibralatar Regt chap), repeating their names several times for no obvious reason, before adopting a blunderbuss approach of criticising the obvious without giving any idea of what Tory policy is. For the first five minutes (all I could stand before turning to BBC News 24, which I'd wanted in the first place) he seemed sadly unaware of the fact that TCH isn't the Sec of State any more...
  14. Innocent people are dead, injured, and families destroyed - and it looks like the perpetrators are not going to be brought to account. Having in this instance very narrowly avoided a rapid descent into outright chaos, I'm sure the powers that be will be heaving a collective sigh of relief. They've expressed 'regret', as though it was some sort of accident, or somehow out of their control..... how rich!
  15. Qoute your source and in this particular case, produce visual evidence, Frenchy; You'll believe you even have an army (made up of your own Nationals) to defend you. No mass processions, no massive media feckin story.........fancy surrendering again? I'll accept the point this time I can't afford the farming subsidies for your entire country.