UK governance defaults to HMG Australia or US in case of nuclear annihilation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Andrew_2010E, Oct 27, 2010.

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  1. Letters of last resort - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Apologies if this in the wrong sub-forum but I thought it was an interesting ongoing concern. I would think Australia the first choice although that would presumably put them in the line of the assailant's fire without a deterrent themselves, unless they invoked their alliance with the US.
  2. Why HMG Australia? Why not HMG in Canada as first choice? Unless they're planning to use the "On The Beach" scenario.
  3. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Probably due the the fact that Australia is less likely to suffer a nuclear strike or the fallout from a nuclear strike.
  4. Is it just me who thinks option (iii) the worst?

    "Errr, yeah. Nuclear attack. Haven't really got the balls to call this one, why don't you decide?"

    Talk about abdication of responsibility.
  5. Cynical rant begins

    Rampant makes a good point, but even so the US Govt. would do and say nothing to help Australia unless it yielded some domestic political or economic advantage.

    ANZUS? ABCA? Not worth a cuntful of cold water, IMHO.

    Rant ends.
  6. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That's okay aus, we would, if there was anything left of us at that point I'm sure.
  7. Breaking news; Australia becomes world power by default. Europe to become inhabitable in 3000AD. City overrun by three-headed merchant banker mutants.
  8. I cannot see what is unreasonable about that text, it's what commanding submarines is about.
  9. It's not really such a bad option as you might think at first glance.

    For example,

    If the attack which wipes out the Government was the work of:

    Terrorists setting off a bomb they've managed to aquire

    Some kind of drastic malfunction of an ICBM that launches accidentally

    A single/small group of rogue military officer's in Russia/China etc.. deciding to "take on the West" and siezes control of a single silo/mobile launcher and nukes London etc....

    Then do you really think its right that we launch off all our H-Bombs at their pre-planned targets just for the sake of it causing even more loss of life just because orders have been left that if we get Nuked we launch everything we have no matter what the facts are?

    Obviously these are all highly unlikely (maybe even daft) scenarios but they're just an illustration to show that in some circumstances giving the Submarine Captain the authority to analyze the situation and make his own judgement call might be a good thing as they will have the facts that no Prime Minister could possibly have when writing the memorandum.
  10. Wouldn't want them claiming the Ashes by default!
  11. Even if the Ashes were giving off a strange glow
  12. Or had been fused into a lump of carbon. Or silica. You could strain Fosters through it to make it taste better/less bad.
  13. After the Cold War was done, it emerged that the Soviet plan for all out war was just that, they had a SIOP which involved dumping nuclear warheads on just about every country on earth so no one could help the West rebuild. At the same time their Typhoon (big submarines) was designed to lurk underwater for a year or so, then pop up and fire at whereever Western rebuilding was ocurring to really ruin their day.

    The UK plan after 1967 was to disperse central Govt into 8 PYTHON groups, and send them round the country, to unknown locations away from all the big bunkers - from what I understand, the aim was that they would have designated seniority, and that each group could take charge if required. They were accompanied by comms detachments, so I'm guessing that the order to put yourself under Aus/US control would only apply if the SSBN couldnt make contact or identify any sign of life at all from what was left of HM Government.
  14. That's piqued my interest. We used to have the local government offices in my building at work. And for some unknown reason we've got Nuke bunker under the place. I've always thought having that was an awful lot of effort for whom it was protecting.
  15. Haven't Bruce and Sheila banned ships bearing nuclear weapons or reactors from making landfalls there, they set up the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone with the sheep shaggers next door in the 1980s.