UK Gov screw up again: Brit passports to be printed in Malta at extra cost of £100m

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. ... wouldn't surprise me if the passport helpline was to be manned by personnel from a third world country who could speak only pidgin-English.

  2. I shouldn't worry too much,
    I reckon half of all British Passports have been printed in the Indian sub-continent, another 25% in Eastern Europe and a few more in Israel.
  3. It is about as much of a joke as the fact that most British Embassies and Consulates no longer print passports for UK expats. They now have to be posted to "Regional" centres leaving F&C staff to concentrate on more important issues - cocktail parties, schmoozing and spending allowances.
  4. But surely the Daily Mail should be in favour of the Coalition taking 'the tough decisions' to reduce government spending?

    I'm confused. Anyone would think they were guilty of hypocrisy or something.
  5. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I liked the bit at the end where they note the "Conflict of Interest" of a cabinet member also being a Non-Exec Director at De La Rue, not that would ever happen in the Tory party, who maintain a rigourous distance from closeted and personal business interests at all times.

    Politicticians looking out for their own back pockets since time began.
  6. The rival though 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company), is not exactly British is it?
  7. Well I'm glad that article is full of such clear facts. Sources have told me that the Iranians could be printing UK passports on the moon at the behest of their Somali backers.

    There would obviously be no chance of any wrongdoing were passports to be printed in the UK by a British owned firm staffed by the entirely trustworthy British people and then distributed by those bastions of honesty working for the Royal Mail. None. And I've never had a tax disc go missing in the mail. And, if I did, the DVLA would be extremely surprised and wouldn't suggest they've been stolen. There must have been some very small fires affecting the envelopes.
    Yep, British workers would never engage in such nefarious activity. Our prisons would be empty if it wasn't for those dastardly Maltese and French.
  8. You mean like when they slate people/companies for their tax avoidance schemes?
  9. Now, now Stacker. I'm sure you're aware that it's an irregular verb:

    I prudently arrange my finances

    You evade tax

    He/she are sponging off the taxpayer

    They need to be hung

    It's a diabolical liberty

  10. So we can expect to see a load of maltesers coming here with British passports.
  11. My understanding is that the woman involved was a senior civil servant, not an MP. Now I didn't think Civil Servants were allowed to hold directorships, other than in family firms. That would be a wee bit like the permanent secretary at the MoD getting a job on the board at Westland before the decision to buy Future Lynx rather than much cheaper, Sikorsky Blackhawks was made.

    In other news, the chip in the back of your 10 year passport is only guaranteed by the manufacturer for 2 years.
  12. Don't see what the issue is, ever checked out the people who inspect the passports at our borders?
  13. Oh myfuckinggod! This made me laugh! Spot on!
  14. Sarcasm On:

    I can see no security implications from printing UK passports overseas.