UK gov advisor proposes licence to smoke

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ObnoxiousJockGit, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. Yes they should they just ban it outright. They do like mucking about with daft prices and anoying ads.
  2. I'm not a smoker and don't really like smoke, but I have to say I think the atmosphere in my favourite local back at home isn't as good since the ban.

    Anyway, if people want to smoke then they shouldn't have to get some fecking license. Jesus.

    If you tried that shite on with the frogs there would be another revolution!
  3. Perhaps UK government advisors should have to have a license to spout garbage at taxpayers expense. 10% off their index linked pension every time they spout garbage. Maybe shut up a few of the MPs as well.
  4. What a bloody good idea, of course, nobody would smoke without a licence!

    Maybe we could follow it up with a drinking licence, or a bopping-old-grannies-about-the head-licence, imagine, it would earn revenue AND cut crime!

    Truly the path of our Liarbour masters is as a way unto enlightenment!!
  5. Oh aye? And in the meantime Brunstrom advocate legalising all drugs.....

    Try that and there will be a revolution, even if I have to do it all on my lonesome.
    How much was this fecking moron paid to spout this crap?
  6. enough said.
  7. Might bankrupt a few of the tw@ts as well.
  8. If I was "using in a crack den" the last thing I'd be phoning for would be Silk Cut, bleeding perforated pointless things. :D
  9. Has no one picked up yet Julian Le Grand , sounds a bit fcukin French to me, any wonder he wants to scupper all us Rosbeefs coming and buying cheap tabs in his country and deflowering the local "fauna" !
  10. Well it would save the country being backrupted the princple civil serice pension is the biggest signal waste of tax payers money in the country iits unfunded. It just comes out the tax payer of the days tax each year cost more than the armed forces a year. People that joined before july this year get half salery at 60 and if live to a normal age for a 60 year old to live to and have had a normal career will get more in retirement than when at working if they have just meet the minum qualifing years.

    True the army scheme is also unfunded the officers is a bloody joke 16 years for full pensions and they are already overpayed for the caliber of person and the risk reward ratio.
    Infantry are under payed and have to work 22 years and face a crazy risk level so it seems more than reasonable that they should have an unfunded tax payer of the day final salery type pension.

    Civil servant are just fat imoral leechers traitors in a sense, with doddgy handshakes its the corruption of senior civil servants that mean nothing can ever be done in the uk.
  11. That would be a crack den without a roof and only 3 sides I hope.
  12. As someone who has been a smoker for more than half his life, I wonder if this might not actually be a good idea?

    This is what I would do: I would make people born after a certain age (for example people who will turn 18 next year) get a special I.D. That is, if you buy cigarrettes you have to show it to the salesman/woman before they allow you to make the purchase.

    Said license would cost you an exorbitant annual fee.

    I hate smoking, and yet I do it more than fifteen times a day. One of the worst decisions I ever made my entire life was to start. I was young and stupid then.

    Now, I'm just stupid

    Some would say, "then just quit."

    If I could, I would have by now.

    Goverment encroachment into my personal life? Maybe. But if it would save the next generation from itself and big tobacco and it's lobbyists, then so be it.

    When the final history of tobacco is written, a lot of people will be very angry because they will realize they were part of one of the biggest scams ever perpetuated on humankind.
  13. Prohibition doesn't work though: didn't work with alcohol in the US and isn't working with "drugs" here. Give people accurate information then treat them as adult enough to make their own choices.
  14. Oh, and you can tax them too