UK girls in Ghana drugs arrests

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hat20, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. Wait for the story of hard done by life,did'nt know they were carry drugs,duped into it etc.Seems their parents thought they where going to France instead,some detour.Should they get life as an example to others?Web Page Name
  2. To quote Bugs Bunny when he finds himself somewhere totally differant than he expected... "Should of taken that left in Albuquerque."

    These two girls are damned lucky they didn't just dissappear off the face of the planet after being snookered into going to Africa.
  3. If found guilty let's hope they serve the prison sentence in ghana.
  4. Yep that'll learn em.
  5. Sympathy meter flickering at:

    [align=center]'None At All'[/align]
  6. Extradited back to the UK and released into community service I'd wager. They are, after all, sweet sixteen so couldn't possibly know what they were up to or maybe they've been stabbing and shooting people since they were 12 and have just progressed up the Chav food chain.
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Stupid tarts.

    Expect the bleeding hearts "they didn't understand what they were doing" cry next, the same crowd that want to "empower" the youth of today by giving them the vote.


    Minimum, eh? They might get back to fresh air at thirty. Serves them right. :twisted:
  8. They're Ghanaians. Holding passports of questionable provenance, no doubt.

    Not too long ago, anyone caught in the act of theft in Ghana was subject to immediate capital punishment (I don't know if or when that has changed, but the bodies were left on the roads in the 90s. You could leave your car parked and unlocked!). If the local investigators (!! yes, ok) find that these two were just mules or dupes then I hope the Colombians who are infesting West African shores right now get it where it hurts. Wouldn't be surprised if it was their families, though.
  9. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Well i suppose they should count their lucky stars that they weren't in somewhere like Singapore where the penalty for smuggling drugs of a value of $10k Singapore is death.

    If there were, I think we would be hearing:

    "Let's go onto to YouTube and watch 'em do the Tyburn Jig!"

    Oh, my sympathy reader is just flickering below......FECK ALL,

    sleep tight chavs - the sweet taste of freedom is a little while away. At least they will learn patience (and not the card game either).
  10. Well they where on school holiday in France or that is what the parents state. Now just how do 16 year old children get on a plane for long distance travel who are not with their parents, would be one of the question i would like answered
  11. Listened to one of the accused girls - quite a damnation of Bliar's boast about 'Education; education; education.' This girl sounded and, most probably is, semi-literate.

    She is reported to be 16.

    The new omnipotent Super-Controller reckons that 16 year olds should be allowed to vote - now I see why.

    Give us strength!
  12. Cupid Stunts. :roll:

    If you can't do the time etc.
  13. Looks like they're in the hands of a legal system that's even more bent than our own. Shame, that. But looking on the bright side, at least they'll get to study their culture and heritage at first hand, safe from the evils of the institutional racism that riddles our own prisons.

    Just carrying a couple of bags to Britain, for those nice boys at Accra airport. I'm sure the court will swallow that, young ladies.