UK Gear training shoes

They're not - they're being trialled by the ASPT. Crucial difference.

They'll be the dogs balls when they work the kinks out of them; they've taken the best bits from Asics, Saucony & NB shoes.
not_finished_yet said:
they've taken the best bits from Asics, Saucony & NB shoes
Thanks. Never heard of Saucony but I do appreciate the quality of Asics and NB, so I shall go and purchase a pair soon.
I bought mine from the ABF website - think they get a cut?
For running shoe purposes, there are 3 main types of feet:

pronators - flat feet, the foot rolls in;

normal - as the name suggests;

supinators - high arches, the foot rolls out (i.e.the opposite of flat feet).

Before buying a pair of these trainers, find out what type of feet they're made for, and what type of feet you've got.
Never heard of these training shoes. Why does the MoD bother with these training shoes? And trials, how, what do they do other than put them on their feet?!!! Beyond basic everyone seems to buy their own anyway.

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