UK Gear Trainer - PT1000 - to be issued to all new recruits?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Goatman, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I take the attached Independent On Sunday story as what they call an 'Advertorial' - a bit of puff that masquerades as a news story but is actually pretty much a commercial.

    The trainer that's still going after 38 marathons - Home News, UK - The Independent

    The previous ' endorsed by the Army PTC ' shoe was reviewed here. As I recall, it retailed at £80 a pop....which was a bit ferocious for a cross-trainer.

    I bought a pair via the Army ben Fund shop closure. I ran in them for a bit - then sold mine to an oppo to give to his 'army barmy' son, as they didn't suit me. ( That said I'm the only 'runner' in the galaxy who gets blisters from ASICS)

    It would be interesting to hear whether any contract has in fact been signed to replace the venerable Silver Shadow. I expect Hi-Tec may also be a bit surprised to hear that they have lost the contract....

    Anybody know if the British Army has indeed signed up to this ? Or is it all arrse-water?

    Don Cabra
  2. I believe this is the PT-03, and whilst not confirmed I had heard that this was being issued to new recruits.

    I don't see any suggestion that the PT-1000 is planned for issue.
  3. Has anyone reaedthe comments on that link
    Why do people who clearly know nothing feel they must comment. He clearly knows nothing of the injurys that come with excessive booted runing.
  4. I had a pair of PT03s. Not very impressed to be honest. They're just like every other £40 vietnamese running shoe.
  5. Whilst others might be storing up a problems for themselves later on in life, and seem able to gauge mid-sole wear by just how they feel !

    "Most running shoes last for well over 1000 miles anyway, without any reduction in performance. I know mine did. They just quote a lower mileage so people buy their shoes more often. "
  6. Yep, I have a pair (issued) and agree, however they are ok for general PT as opposed to dedicated long distance running. They are issued to recruits and have been for a couple of years now. Aswell as the PT-02 (i think) a white pair for indoor use.
  7. The whole brand is built on bull-shit - have you seen the cheesy promo stuff - they seem to have invented a new vocabulary - NRG - and every bull-shit feature they claim is an acronym.

    Also, some big business deal has earned them the Army endorsement - they will have given them to the Army FOC or at least at cost I'm sure - you don't get our endorsement unless there's a big carrot.

    Styling-wise, looks like what Nike were doing 10 years ago - performance-wise, no better than any other trainer from the far east - moulded, synthetic and not the best finished.

  8. ATC issue PT-03 to all crow, and now even to Instrs & staffGot some issued the other day, along with the 'so white it burns your retinas' indoor version for the Gym (they can stay in the box)I do remember buying a pair of them when they first came out (only trainers in the NAAFI at Basrah) did the Shaibah 1/2 marathon 4 days later with no pain or blisters. so they work for me.yes I match the crow when going on PT, but they're free!
  9. I've had my pair for a good few years now. Only use them for PT. The logos stuck on with glue fell off, but other than that they've been really pretty good. And it seems good for my pronation too.
  10. its a proper training shoe better than the plimsolls.
    pt in boots is all very well unfortunatly most recruits feet live in trainers till they join up hence lots of problems
  11. Doubt it - they're not white! Imagine the PTI when he realises you couldn't get pulled up for not cleaning them until their white and shiny.