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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pompey_Jock, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Anyone have any experience of or opinions on the UK Gear running shoes..... recently saw some posters of them being developed with PTI's - and then checked out some of the links on RVOPS sales pages.

    Now I don't do as much running as I used to..... am 37 and normally do 5.5 miles 4 times a week, a bit more (up to 8 miles) now and again - (well haven't done the longer one since the weather got shitty over the winter, and probably only running 2-3 times week due to wind/rain at the moment).

    Anyway, I digress....

    I currently have a pair of ASICs trail-runners which work fine as most of my running route is X-country and muddy fields, but in the summer planning on doing an organised 7.5 mile road race, and so would be seeking a shoe more concrete/tarmac friendly than my current trail/x-country shoes.

    EDIT:- just checked out some posts about them in other threads, the comments are mixed, generally fairly favourable, but nothing stunning.
    So any other recommendations would be welcomed.
  2. We are all different, what may be a good pair of runners for you might be a shite pair for me.

    The one thing about the PT 03 is that most people refuse to pay the inflated price tag.
  3. Best thing is go to a running shop and let them sort you out unless you know all about your running style .
  4. Yeah - liked the look of the PT-03, but then it's not about how they look.....

    I would like to manage a (semi) decent time in the event/race thing - which is in mid-June - and so a good, light shoe but able to take the concrete/tarmac pounding.

    I like my Asics for x-country.... and have previously used Nike road shoes (a few years back).

    Might just head into one of those running shops where they have you run on that machine that checks your stride/style etc..... I have tried to gauge whether pronator etc using the hi-tech approach of wet foot and sheet of newspaper and looking at the arch pattern, but that's not exactly reliable.
  5. I use ASICS at the mo for road running but i bought a set of PT-03's through the army in basic for £35, the damn things came up a little small. Anyway i like the 03's, theyre light n pretty comfy however i prefer my Asics because i have a slightly flatter foot than normal, and got my asics through a proper running shop so theyre suited to my style. Dunno if id like to pay the 80 odd quid or whatever they are normally though!!
  6. If you have fat feet, try New Balance, they have 2E width fitting. (Whatever that means).
  7. To be honest - am veering away from the UK Gear PT-03. Seems to be a decent enough running shoe for the odd plod about, but a bit over-priced.

    Seems could get more "bang for my buck", so to speak, getting my gait/stride checked and a good Asics, Saucony, NB, or Nike shoe.
  8. I went to a specialist running shop, they looked at my running stlye on a treadmil and suggested asics.

    I live in them for running, but they cost £70.
    Those '03's are only just cheaper but I think I'd personally stick with the asics unless I hear from peoples opinons
  9. I have a pair of the PT 03's and they are great, I've been using them for about a month now and I run between 15 to 20 mile a week. I have a high arch and that may be the difference, but they were the most comfortable ones I've tried and I've tried loads of trainers, price no object but the PT's just fitted well from the start!
  10. If you are down this way, check out Alexandra Sports, spot on for advice, they will get you on the running machine and film it and check you gait and style...they know their stuff.
  11. Haven't checked back into the forum for a while....

    Thanks for the comments & input.

    At the moment my X-country Asics are still seeing use.... now that the weather is - slowly but surely - getting better I am getting back out running 4-5 times a week, instead of the 2-3 times I cut back to. Still mainly on the 5.5 and 6 mile route, but will up that next month to include my old 8 mile route.

    Mostly sticking to X-country and trails as it is easier on the knees and more pleasant than running on the roads..... probably sometime in late April/early May I will get my gait/running style checked and see what they say. With the race in June being on road, will need to get sometime in on the tarmac.
    Though will not be paying 70 quid for a pair of trainers.
    There was a survey done last year by a University (in Scotland) that discovered you get little or no extra benefit from the extra expense once you are at the 50 quid mark anyway.

    Actually - the race is over in the US and I will be over there a week before the day, I could get "more bang for my buck" and buy the trainers there, provided they were okay and could be 'broken in' in a couple of training runs I would do there. Though that would mean using my old, fairly knackered road running shoes for the tarmac sessions here - I will think it all over.

    Will no doubt put a separate thread about more training related issues in a few days.
  12. I have a pair.
    They are not British - they are made in Vietnam.
    They have no arch support at all.

    They are cheap - I paid about £38.

    Just go to a running shop and get a professional opinion.
  13. Pompey Jack

    You said you are racing in the US. If you are in the Boston area New Balance has a factory outlet. They only have the one. It is next to the New Balance corporate headquarters. They don't even list the info on the website as they don't want to undercut retailers. They sell all lines from old guy walking shoes to sprint spikes. They have all sizes and if they are not out on display ask staff. I wear US 14D and never have problem. Most shoes are half of retail and the discontinued lines are even cheaper. Some times the discontinued cheap ones are mainly weird sizes and nasty colours but WTF if they fit and are comfortable. They also sell discounted shorts, singlets etc.

    The store is at the corner of Guest St and Life St in the Brighton section of Boston. Two small obscure streets but one block from corner of Market St and North Beacon St which are main streets.

    If you are not going to be in Boston this is no fecking good to you at all but I thought I would pass on just in case or if other ARRSEr's are interested.

    Too bad you won't be here for Boston Marathon in mid April. US women's Olympic trials are the day before. I have a friend who runs Boston every year. He has flown in from Chicago for the past 21 years and does about 3:05 to 3:10 usually. Not fast but he is 58. While he runs I work on upper body strength by lifting pint glass from table to mouth and repeating.

    Good luck on the race!
  14. Thanks for the idea/info but the event is completely across the other side of the country... I lived in the Seattle area for a fair few years but that was when I had slipped into couch potato mode and hadn't been running, so never got involved.

    But a trip back to visit friends there coincides with the "Sound to Narrows" event, so I thought I would participate for once. It is only 7.5 miles so not exactly a marathon.....

    Nike are based further south, around Portland, and am sure there are some 'factory outlet' places for them around the PNW, but with the pound to dollar exchange rate I would probably just get some from a decent running/athletic shop and still be quids in.

    And yes Ex_STAB - have pretty much decided against the PT-03's, all things considered.