UK forces not overstretched

If this has been brought up elsewhere apologies.

Ive just sat in front of Ch4 News where TCH (That cnut Hoon) has said that UK forces aren't over stretched and he is scrapping 1 jock and three English inf Bns, an F-3 and three Jag sqns......

He then said that although many say we are overstretched, he disagrees.

I've had to get out of the room as my tele is about to be dived into in an effort to rip this short sighted, narrow minded, lying tw@ts head off
Make the cnut join up and see how we "aren't" overstretched :evil:

Typical Politician, lying to the cameras and saying everything is rosey :evil:
He needs a check up from the neck up, he has to need one surely?

MDN , nice TLA, I think we should get it into common usage soonest :D

It's at monets like this, I wish I had money to burn, and a big old Handgun-Televisions for the destruction of.

Have C4 featured us again yet?
I mustve been in a different army, sorry my mistake. :evil:
Am still sat here fizzing........ he MUST be on another planet.

I know he is a bungling back sliding arse, but this latest ditty takes the biscuit.

TCH could soon be a recognised TLA, he has earned it
Make the cnut join up and see how we "aren't" overstretched
If you fiddle the maths, it works out, but only on paper.

We were promised a 24 month gap between deployments on operational tours. To achieve this then only 20% of the army can be deployed at any one time. This is the case, so on paper we cannot be overstreatched.

In real life, once you take the troops that are in basic training, trade or continuation training, in long service posts, long term downgraded and other detachments, then there isn't 100% of the army from which to turn over the operational tours from.

That means for the front line and log support troops there isn't a 24 month gap between tours so we must be overstreached!

In polotics, you can say things that aren't true to baffle and bluff your case, but you are not allowed to lie. Statistics can do all the magic for you.
Here's a word


Here's another one


Last seen in the area of 10 Downing Street round about the time Lord Eden jacked. :evil:
I watched Sky News today to see TCH make his speech - glad I did. I was reading my book at the time, so the only thing I could gather from it was:

"Hello my name is Jeff. I promise faithfully to sack the majority of the British Navy, Army and Air Force. But just in case we have to go to war again, I promise faithfully to look after the Reservists and their employers (who will obviously lose money - poor employers). I will look after the Reservists's families (because they will be left alone - poor families - I feel sorry for them). The people I am sacking however, no matter what skills they have, can shove it. I don't care how long they have been in; if they have families; lives; houses, stability. They can all shove it. Its cheaper to pay Reservists and their employees than pay the Regulars' pensions."

Did anyone else hear that? Or was it just me?
That was about the gist of it

You forgot to say "I want a credible professional Army on the cheap"

You also forgot to refer to SDR , where much the same shoite was spouted. :D
Those of us in the CORPS are lucky to get 4 Months between tours let alone 24 !! We serve with different units all the Time,for instance although 22,33 and 34 Field Hospial in theory only deploy every 12 Months, the personnel move with all of them . I Have done 3 Tours in 14 Months 1 with each.
What was it Sir Frederick Handley Page once said? 'No-one ever won a war by trying to win it on the cheap.'

Presumably TCH (splendid TLA) hasn't heard that one, and if he has, he doesn't have the spine to tell Uncle Gordon.
I wonder if I could get one of the jagurs cheap would only need to make one bombing run :twisted:
I expected more comebacks and chit chat.

its too near the truth isn't it?

I am a survivor of Phase 3 and SDR - I can laugh at them!!!!!
Big enough to knock Fcuk out of the Septic Booties :D

PTP Quaitly avatar

Its over two hours since the news was on and its rare I fly into a rage at the TV screen (unless forced to watch The royal variety performance) but TCH has gripped my sh1t more than normal.

How can the brass faced gutless turd stand there and say that HMF aren't overstretched.... the needs his bumps feeling........ with a Mk1 Shovel
Corporal said:
Exactly how large are Britian's armed forces? I did a quick google search, but couldn't find any numbers.
As at Jan 04

Army (Full Time)

UKTAP 98,628 (includes Phase 2 however!)
GURTAM 3,418
FTRS 1,072
Total 103, 118

R IRISH and Reserves

Full Time 2,069
Part Time 1,339
Mob Res 3,924
Total 7,332

21.2% Army deployed on Operations
32.7% committed to Operations

Including R IRSH and Mob Res

26.5% Army deployed on Operations
37.1% committed to Operations

Sobering stuff, eh?

MDN - I will use TCH from now on - cracking TLA! :D
TCH must become the new TLA for him. :D

If only TCH had stayed awake in those briefings...... :(

PTP nice one on the new avatar :D :D
I have just been watching the BBC news and even Gen Sir Mike Jackson recons with the future cut's we could still mount a Falklands type action without any effort. (Which Forces is he talking about) :roll: :roll:

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