UK forces light weaponry showcased at MOD HQ

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chamooooone, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. I'm sure this will have been done today:



    "A new .50-calibre semi-automatic variant of the sniper rifle, capable of putting a hole in a tank or taking down a helicopter from an extreme range."

    It's very sexy but at the moment do we really need that capability? Should they have sold it as been able to take out terry on the other side of that invincible compound wall?

  2. What's Alexei Sayle doing there?
  3. Ello John's got new mortar - sorry I couldn't avoid it, I'll step away from the keyboard now.
  4. *drool*...Accuracy international make sexy rifles.....
  5. I spotted deeply worrying words lower down.

    "We've got to start thinking, soon, about the replacement for SA80," said Col Warden. "The out of service date begins to happen in about eight to ten years time. It was introduced in 1986 and so we need to start really thinking about why and how are we going to replace it, what with, and some discussion about the calibres that you want for the future."

    Stand by for the wallet raping the Army is going to get!
  6. Should the female be in the MILFs you definitley would thread?
  7. Ok then lets get the ball rolling, what will be the next weapon the UK forces use? I reckon on H&K is a contender until almost the end then they will just remanufacture L85A2 at four times the cost!
  8. Now thats what I call a toyshop
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I spent a happy lunchtime there, but didn't notice any women (apart from MOD employees, who hardly count) as there were so many other Good Things to look at and play with. I particuarly liked some pf the shotguns, and the bespoke pistol bayonet. If only I'd been allowed to take photos.

    Oh and yes, there were the good ole' Biblical references on a couple of the sights.
  10. It's deeply worrying that he doesn't seem to have spoken to those whose job this was 10 years ago, when the SA80 OSD (2015) was announced. That may have slipped (he implies 2018) but that's "only" 3 years. What progress in those 10 years?

    More to the point, what is the point of this bash? The kit on display is routine in a procurement sense; no lengthy development, easily manufactured, high production yield etc. It is common knowledge that these teams are permitted to "freeze" (delay) other programmes while delivering UORs, while others are required to maintain timescales on all their programmes. If this is DE&S / MB banging the drum about how well they are performing, all I can say is they've dumbed down dramatically.
  11. So, let me guess, the 5.56 vs 7.62 debate is going to be raging again....
  12. Be prepared for some Americans jumping in with "... stopping power"
  13. Probably something in .45 ACP.................
  14. Now with added debate over whether 6.5 or 6.8 SPC is better as an intermediate round.

    Then someone will bitch that NATO didn't pick .280" in the 50's.

    Then to top off some mong will just say that we should just buy AK's for everyone, y'know, cos they're the bestest rifle in the world like.
  15. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'A new .50-calibre semi-automatic variant of the sniper rifle, capable of putting a hole in a tank'

    I'm only a layman when it comes to these things, but I was under the impression that you'd need something slightly bigger to punch a hole in an MBT... (insert joke here about firing it at French armour, the crew hearing the noise from inside the vehicle and surrendering through sheer force of habit. ;) )