UK forces help transform Helmand hospital

Good job well done with the Gereshk hospital. This project started at the beginning of H13, Sgt Nikki Parker RAF (MSST) was the driving force behind the work. Her relationship with Dr Latiff ensured that every concept of the hospital was assessed for repairs and during her 6 months in Gereshk whilst driving forward woman centres and other female engagement task she got a grip of the hospital too.

She liased with the STABADs and organised the funding issues, tendered the individual projects and monitored the productivity of the local afghan labour - whilst pushing Dr Latiff in the right direction.

In Nilkki's time she renewed the main building roof, buiit a carpark, the incinerator was her idea after seeing 'sharps' and hospital waste littered around the grounds where young children played. Female toilets, male toilets, a full paint job of most of the wards internal & external, airconditioning, repairing the morgue fridges, starting the maternity ward build after she sat and designed the layout with Dr Latiff. (The foundations and blockwork up to sill level was complete before the tour end). A womans shelter, new pathways, fencing, planting, walls, new bedding - the list is endless.

Karen Swallow took on the remaining works for the maternity ward, and it looks great finished.

Well done to both.

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