UK Forces Direct Transfer to Australian Defence Forces!

UK Forces Direct Transfer to Australian Defence Forces.

I would like to request some factual advice and accurate information if any of you other there can assist me!

I'm a dual national as my mother was born here in Perth and we recently made permanent relocation here. My Step Daughter decided to remain in the UK for the time being with her fiance and plans to come over here in the near future.

Now her fiance has advised us that he plans to enlist into the UK Royal Artillery with one objective being an apparent direct transfer from the UK Forces into the ADF.

He has apparently been told by an Army 'careers advisor' that after serving four years he will be entitled to a direct transfer to the ADF and that the UK MOD will handle everything including the move etc.

Now I do realise that I'm now 'over the hill' have done my time and that things and times may have changed since then, but I think not that drastically as is being supposed here.

My question here is does anyone have any accurate facts they can share with me to present to this young man.

I cannot believe that the ADF has an 'open ended agreement' with the UK Forces to simply accept anyone who decides they fancy transferring to the Australian Forces.

After 4 years? regardless of rank or trade condsiderations? He is also deluded into thinking that either the UK MOD or the ADF will arrange and pay for everything to facilitate the transfer.

My concerns here are that this gullible young man is being taken in by some Army 'career advisor' back in the UK who seems willing to tell him anything he wishes to hear just as long as he meets his quotas of sign on's

More concerning is that our more gullible daughter actually is believing all this bullshit and because she's desperate to relocate here in due course seems willing to swallow this manure.

So please, does anyone have any facts, what is involved in any agreement and transfer process, it would be useful if I can lay the facts before this young man before he screws his life up and that of our daughter along with it.

Many thanks guys and girls in anticipation
as per your other post the british army isnt going to train someone and then help them emigrate/transfer to the aussie army, you can do it but its down to you not the army, the aussie army help with the relocation etc, but im sure someone with far more knowledge/experience will tell you more

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