UK firearms act v's Typhoons' Guns

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. I have heard something rather alarming from an impeccable source, how all new gun parts for the Typhoon guns system fall under section 5 of the UK Firearms act and as a result the process for getting anything repaired or replaced is lengthy, overly expensive and complicated.

    This is not a problem on Tornado that uses pretty much the same gun, it is just the way that Typhoon maintenance contract was written (BAE). Even the fact that everything is done on RAF bases with RAF personnel makes no difference, because the administration point of the contract is nominally civilian means that the firearms act applies throughout, with all of the restrictions that infers.

    Apparently many complaints are passed up the chain of command but are quietly lost, even though the pace of the Libya situation has caused some serious problems.

    Could anyone shed some further light on this state of affairs, especially whose idea it was?
  2. Try asking on PPRuNe. They'll love you for contributing to the debate on Typhoon's effectiveness (or lack-of).
  3. I was always under the belief that Crown Exemption applied to firearms and firearmy bits used by MOD.
    Everything MOD uses other than AI sniper rifles would fall under Sec 5. Also, BAE don't make the cannon, Mauser do so.

    IIRC, someone tried reporting Elicopters Ainsworth to the Police for being in possession of a Sec 5 weapon contrary to the firearms act when he had a go with an SA80 and were told to bugger off as it doesn't apply to Crown Servants.
  4. More likely he made use of the exemption that lets the Secretary of State give anyone permission to have a play with a S5 firearm. Given that all he'd need to do is mention it in the House of Commons bar, he's alright!

    As for the Typhoon cannon: all that kit'll be S5 regardless. It wouldn't be a problem - the Firearms Act's been around since 1968 and the MoD's bought quite a few S5 firearms from civilian companies in that time...